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Is HH the instigator or victim of political violence? 

In as much as I agree with the sentiments expressed by MMD president Nevers Mumba in ‘Nevers warns against bitterness’ (Sunday Nation, November 22, 2015), I take serious exception to his comments that it makes no sense for the PF to shift blame onto the UPND when they have the power to control their own cadres and the police.

The MMD president did not mention in his statement that Dandy Crazy’s youthful musical fans were reported to have taken the law in their hands to avenge the recent beating of their Kitwe-based iconic musical idol by suspected UPND youths in Mazabuka.

I think he needed to be a bit more critical and analytical to the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s act of sheer bravado by storming the Copperbelt Province, daring and taunting the police that he would hold massive meetings with people and miners with or without the police giving a go-ahead.

Was the MMD leader insinuating that the UPND leader was more of a victim than an instigator of political violence on the Copperbelt?

Albeit the latter had ignored to take heed of security concerns and advice from both the police and the PF vice-president, Inonge Wina.

It appears that Hichilema’s timing of political antics on the Copperbelt were aimed at rabble-rousing and ultimately incite the affected people to rebel against the PF government. Needless to say, the UPND leader should abide by the laws of the land.

Besides, it’s high time he realized that he’s not the Head of State who can hold public gatherings in any part of the country without the police giving a go-ahead.

Besides, Copperbelt is a deeply cosmopolitan region most of whose socio-economic elements Hichilema does not know or understand having been born and bred in a rural setting of Southern Province.

For this reason, my suggestion to him would be to do thorough research and analysis on the issues to do with job losses on the mines before drawing any veiled political conclusions and objectives which may mislead and cause anarchy in the nation.

Perhaps the volatile situation on the Copperbelt would’ve encouraged UPND members of Parliament to critically analyze the prevailing circumstances before they unwittingly walked out of parliament in protest against an issue that was not even before Parliament.

So, is Hichilema the instigator or victim of political violence on the Copperbelt? You decide.

Mubanga Luchembe,




Ignore Nawakwi’s ranting

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi will never cease to charm me.

Each time she opens her mouth it is insult after insult and she appears to relish that.

Surely if the PF and President Lungu have crashed and have reached their end what is her personal status in Zambian politics today after having overstayed in the opposition?

If she has what it takes to become a republican president then she should have been one by today, but nay, she is still apprehensively marking time.

Is there something awry? There could be, but it is for her to state.

I am not suggesting that PF is 100 per cent perfect, far from it.

Except that some of its faultfinders don’t simply make sense to me and many Zambians out there.

All of us have two sides and this includes Nawakwi because nobody is perfect except our creator the Almighty God. All of us have skeletons of some kind in our cupboards which we always try to hide from others. Ba Nawakwi, you accuse Preside Lungu of being a greedy leader and self-opinionated yet you have held to the helms of FDD for decades without any results. Is that a sign of not being covetous and letting your personal opinions ride high? But for now Zambians have fully understood your frustrations, hence you have resorted to ill-disposed criticism which will not take you anywhere.

What I can tell you however and with buoyancy, is that you will never rule Zambia and kindly continue to find succour in cut-rate criticism of those you envy.

Peter Daka




HH caused job losses

HH should not cause  more trouble on the Copperbelt after he privatised the mines which saw thousands of miners lose their jobs

With his bitterness and envy UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should not cause another situation because he is the one who will reap the consequences.

Miners today are passing through difficult times and he should not incite them to rise against the leadership of His Excellency the President Edgar Lungu because that is hardly necessary.

He wants to blame President  Lungu as having contributed to the hardships miners are today facing yet as an economist he failed to provide solution to President Dr Fredrick Chiluba about the repercussions privatization would have caused.

Or was it that he never had a dream that one day he would want to contest as president of the republic?

Bitterness does not pay instead he should envy humbleness and mind you Mr HH I am one of the former miners who lost my job through your action.

Lawrence Tembo,

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