Zesco installs new anti-vandalism meters


THE introduction of the split prepaid metering in high density areas is intended to curb illegality and prevent prepaid meters from being destroyed in fire accidents, says Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Kapata said the split prepaid meters would be able to cater for more than eight customers at once. Mr Kapata said the introduction of the split prepaid meters in high density areas would help Zesco curb illegalities and vandalism of household prepaid meters.

“We strongly believe that this is the best way of addressing the main problems we are facing as Zesco such as interference and tampering of these meters,” he said.

He explained that the new meters would be placed on Zesco poles and that customers connected to it would have an interface unit pad from which to load tokens.

“The introduction of the split metering in high density areas is actually to the advantage of our customers; this is all about eight customers being on one pole from their houses.

“This is one way of putting household prepaid meters away from people’s houses in order to avoid unnecessary interference of these gadgets by our customers,” he said.

Mr Kapata said customers would be able to monitor the units from the interface unit pad.

“This means that a customer will have a hand customer interface unit pad, more like a remote control, where he/she can load units and it can be placed anywhere in the house going by the customer’s choice of location,” he said.

He said Zesco had already installed the new meters in areas such as Misisi, Kanyama, Chazanga, Mandevu and part of Chipata compounds in Lusaka.

“It is about the metering control unit being on the Zesco pole outside and you the customer having the interface unit pad in your house in which to load units and you are able to see if units are able to sustain you.

“We want to curb illegality and sometimes household prepaid meters get destroyed in fire and so Zesco does not understand why some residents are complaining about this modern way of doing things,” he said.

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