Lungu warns inept permanent secretaries


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned that he will not hesitate to deal with Permanent Secretaries who will be found frustrating the implementation of Government programmes.

And President Lungu yesterday met with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Division chief, African Department and Tobias Nybo Rasmussen who is Zambia’s resident representative who are in the country to assess the economic situation.

President Lungu said he has had difficulties with some Permanent Secretaries who had been refusing to interface with Ministers to alert them on the various economic and infrastructure development programmes.

He said there had been a lapse by some permanent secretaries in informing Ministers on the implementation of Government programmes.

The President said there had been a tendency by some Permanent Secretaries who did not want Ministers to know Government’s developmental programmes.

Speaking when he swore in Kayula Siama as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, President Lungu said he would not hesitate to censure or even get rid of senior civil servants in the habit of sabotaging the implementation of developmental programmes.

He said it was the duty of Permanent Secretaries to adequately prepare Cabinet Minster to comprehensively answer questions in Parliament.

“As I congratulate you, I wish to take this opportunity to let you know the important role permanent secretaries play in the implementation of government developmental programmes. I have had difficulties with some permanent secretaries who do not want to interface with their Ministers. They do not want to instigate Ministers to know how government programmes are being implemented. It is the responsibility of the permanent secretary to assist Ministers to make ministerial statements in Parliament,” President Lungu said. President Lung unsaid it was his expectation that the Ministry of Commerce would be more efficient with the appointment of Mrs Siame as permanent secretary.

He said Mrs Siame as a lady was holding a torch for other women wishing to get into positions of authority and said he did not want to be let down.

And the IMF has said it is assessing the economic situation in Zambia and that it had been having meetings with the Ministry of Finance over the economic status of the country.

IMF Division chief, African Department Tsidi Tsikata said he would be sharing the findings about the economic status of the country with the ministry of Finance.

And President Lungu said Zambia was currently debating its budget to see posterity measures that would be put in place to ameliorate the current economic situation.

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