It is difficult to understand why some of our politicians are seeing a dark cloud over our economy when outsiders are painting a bright future for Zambia and are eager to invest in our country when given a chance.

Even monitors of the world’s economies are not as pessimistic about our economy as some of our politicians and partisan economic analysts.

To some politicians, especially those in opposition, there is total breakdown of the social and economic sectors of our country.

They allege nothing is working and nothing will if the Patriotic Front remains in power.

They rejoice at the sight of challenges being experienced in the mines and want to make political capital from the impending misery of job losses.

And yet the reasons for job losses are not related to Government performance but global.

But the doomsayers would like to convince Zambians that the current economic challenges are Government’s fault and see it as a sure opportunity to go to State House.

They see no other year for electoral victory but 2016 and they are preparing for regime change.

While there is nothing wrong for any political player to be confident of one’s prospects in an election, it is dangerous to declare oneself a victor even before a vote is cast and counted.

There are many Zambian political leaders who have come to this harsh reality after declaring themselves winner of a particular election.

They have based their optimism on alleged poor governance record of the ruling party, failed management of the economy and the breakdown of law and order.

This is the reason we are urging our political leaders and Zambians to listen to other voices from respected institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and international investors who are seeing hope in the Zambian economy.

The outsiders in the name of investors and the economic watchdogs although admit that economic challenges abound in Zambia, they have also hope when necessary decisions are taken.

In case of the IMF, they issued a statement in which Zambia’s challenges are explained.

“The mission and the Zambian authorities reached a shared understanding on the current economic challenges and the implication of alternative policy choices. Zambia with a record of peace and political stability and abundant natural resources remain a country with strong potential to achieve strong and inclusive growth.’’

On the inflow of investors, only yesterday 17 German businessmen arrived in the country to explore investment opportunities in the country.

Two weeks ago, about 20 top executives of companies in China were in Zambia to also look at business opportunities and signed a memorandum of understanding to invest in the country.

As we have said, it is not in dispute that Zambia, like other countries, is experiencing economic challenges but it will be unpatriotic for any politician to lie that every sector in Zambia has broken down for the sake of wining an election.

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