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Bravo to PF Govt over lifting

of edible oils importation banDear Editor,

Bravo to the PF Government for listening to the cry of the people to lift the cooking oil importation ban.

This is a welcome move because some local manufactures were conniving with the cartel to increase the prices of cooking oil to unaffordable levels in order to discredit the PF Government.

And those local manufactures who do not want competition and are now issuing threats  that they will close their companies should go ahead with their evil intentions.

“Mwaloba ilya uma” on Novemeber 16th 2015, the Millenium Radio through its phone in live programme Talk at 6 brought the same topic and all the callers including known callers from one opposition party  supported the lifting of the cooking oil ban.

In the same vain, I appeal to the PF as a listening Government to immediately bring back the mealie meal subsidies as a temporary  measure as they wait for solar hummer Milles.

DC, Lusaka 

Illegal meetings recipe for anarchy

Dear Editor,

The statement by HH that he will hold massive meetings on the Copperbelt with or without the police permit leaves much to be desired.

Any law breaker daring the police must be dealt with accordingly without fear or favour. There are a lot of repercussions for holding meetings without a permit; people go to meetings with different motives. If a riot breaks out and shops are rooted who will be blamed?

Is it not the Government of the day? No doubt we have enjoyed peace and tranquility since 1964 because of the Public Order Act.

Without this POA there will be total chaos and disorder. POA is there to avoid bloodshed. Police must not hesitate to arrest law breakers and many African countries use this law to avoid bloodshed.

Comrade HH should not make comparison with Edgar Lungu. Edgar is the republican President enjoying certain privileges in accordance with our constitution,  Edgar Lungu was legitimately given the mandate by the people of Zambia, and therefore anyone undermining his Government must be caged by police without any hesitation.

Trying to take power by force or through the back door is treason.

Concerned Zambian Lusaka

Dr Scott


 chance to

rule ZambiaDear Editor,

Dr Scott missed the chance to rule Zambia, whatever he submits before the legal committee of the draft constitution on parental clause.

Guy Scott cannot be taken seriously. This is because the man lacks consistency and capacity to read the politics of Zambia.

Look at his behavior soon after the President Sata died.

The man completely disowned President Lungu at the flimsy advice of the cartel that was scared of President Lungu’s stance over the manipulation of the late Mwanawasa and Sata and their continued desire to economically destroy the country to their advantage.

Your behavior has shown us Zambians that you are not capable of governing this country competently.

Lastin Sikazwe, Ndola

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