Shakas raps opposition


Opposition UPND member of Parliament for Katuba constituency Jonas Shakafuswa says he will not be part of a group of politicians who do not offer solutions to the governance of the country for the sake of criticizing those in leadership.

Mr. Shakafuswa said being in the opposition did not mean that he should create enemies with those in power and criticize them unreasonably, adding that modern politics required wisdom by offering solutions.

“That is the only way the people of Zambia will see a difference between those offering solutions and those aimed at politicking and it is not the way I do politics. Some of my political colleagues are doing that just criticizing, insulting and name- calling – which is not healthy for this country.

‘‘The challenges this country is experiencing need concerted efforts and it is us in the opposition to offer credible and responsible checks and balances for the people of Zambia to see the difference we can offer from those in power,” he said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Shakafuswa said he was not worried about various manoeuvres by people within and outside UPND to get adopted in Katuba to contest next year’s elections. Mr. Shakafuswa said people who were plotting against him should realise that all political parties in the country were after his signature to contest in next year’s general elections.

“I have to be honest with you that all political parties in Zambia want my signature ahead of next year’s general elections because my constituency goes beyond Katuba.

Mr. Shakafuswa said he would win the election next year because the people of Katuba and Zambia in general wanted him in Parliament because of his contribution to the governance of the country.

He said he was aware of some people campaigning in the constituency ahead of the party’s adoption process.

Mr. Shakafuswa claimed one of them was Patricia Mwashingwele who has been in the constituency, but it did not worry him because the area had already decided the leader they wanted next year.

“Mwashingwele has been in the area before and she understands Katuba and she has seen who people want. And that is why I am saying I will win next year. I have a strong foundation and I am strong on the ground …,” he said.

Katuba has attracted notable names such as former ambassador Cecil Holmes, who has not yet indicated which party he would love to contest on but is reported to be organizing on the ground, as well as Moses Chilando of Patriotic Front and Joseph Mushalika who contested on the NAREP ticket in the 2014 by-elections.

Mr. Shakafuswa’s candidature for the Katuba constituency on the UPND ticket in next year’s elections has come under serious scrutiny after he strongly criticized opposition cadres insulting and disrespecting President Edgar Lungu.

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