Lusambo wins Ndola’s Masala hearts

POLITICIANS who have nothing to do should not disturb Bowman Lusambo’s programmes of improving the drainage systems in Ndola’s Masala and Hostels townships of Kabushi constituency because his works are helping the people in the area who have been living in a filthy environment, some Masala residents have said.

One of the residents identified as Harriet Nyirenda said Mr Lusambo’s programme of repairing blocked toilets, drainage and sanitation systems had brought hope to the people in the area and no one should try to disturb his programmes in any way.

Ms Nyirenda told the Daily Nation in Kitwe that they had received reports that some PF members were planning to disturb Mr Lusambo’s programmes of unblocking the drainage system at the market and other parts of Masala townships.

“We are also PF members, staunch PF members for that matter. Now, Bowman Lusambo has come here to work with us in improving the drainage system. He has shown us what he can do through some little work he has done.

“At least, he has done some little work compared to those who have been with us for five years, but have not done anything. Bowman is on the right path, we will support him and those planning to disturb his programmes in the area should stop because Bowman’s programmes means well for us who have been living in filthy environment,” Ms Nyirenda said.

And when contacted for a comment, Mr Lusambo said he was not going to wait for the 2016 campaigns to start unblocking the poor drainage system in Kabushi constituency because the people in Masala and Hostels townships were living in filth which was threatening their healthy.

Mr Lusambo said apart from working with the people in the area to unblock toilets and drainage systems in Masala and Hostels townships, he would also work on sponsoring youths and sports programmes in the area.

He said he was aware that some people who had failed to improve the filthy environment in Masala and Hostels townships were not happy with his presence and activities in Kabushi constituency.

“I grew up here in Kabushi constituency. I used to live in Lubuto township and so I thought I should work with you my brothers and sisters on improving the drainage system at Black Market and also in Masala and Hostels townships where people are living in a filthy environment.

“I should not wait for the 2016 campaigns or to become an MP for me to work with the people in unblocking the drainage system in the market. I should show you my heart now so that you know what kind of a person I am.

‘‘People should not feel worried or shaken when they see me working with the people in the area. I am only cleaning up the mess,” Mr Lusambo said.

He also advised marketeers to stop getting loans from exploitative money-lending institutions and instead form groups so that he could start helping them with money to boost their businesses.

Mr Lusambo said some money-lending institutions were so exploitative and have no mercy on poor marketeers.

“I will try to help marketeers in a small way by giving them some money to boost their businesses. I don’t want marketeers to be getting loans from exploitative money lending institutions who have no mercy for marketeers who are struggling with their businesses,” he said.

And Mr Lusambo, who two weeks ago organized a football tournament at Milemu grounds, urged the youths to desist from engaging in excessive beer drinking and drug abuse because they were destructive.

Lubuto Stars were crowned champions of the Bowman Lusambo football tournament after beating Lubuto Gunners 1-0.

Lubuto Stars were given K15,000 for winning the trophy while Lubuto Gunners walked away with K10,000.

Masala Police came third and were given K7,500 while Twinty came fourth and received K5,500.

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