Wynter a Dictator


WYNTER Kabimba has very dictatorial qualities which make him unsuitable for national leadership, Southern Province Rainbow Party chairman Leonard Hiyachoma has said.

Mr. Hiyachoma alleged that   in his administration Mr Kabimba was exhibiting autocratic and domineering administrative tendencies  by  operating   without following rules of natural justice, including suspending members without  informing them or giving them an opportunity to be heard.

Mr Hiyachoma who has been suspended after resigning from Rainbow Party said it had been difficult to work with Mr Kabimba as they had differences on a broad range of issues including how the party could be governed.

Attempts to get a comment from Mr Kabimba and Rainbow Party mobilization chairman Robert Chikwelete proved futile.

Mr. Hiyachoma said because of the differences, he had even decided to resign from the party and was shocked that Mr Kabimba decided to suspend him without any correspondence.

He told the Daily Nation that Mr Kabimba was a leader who did not believe in listening to the views of other party members and that accusations that he (Hiyachoma) had been treacherous were unfounded as he had never engaged in any form of clandestine political activities against the Rainbow Party.

Mr Hiyachoma said every organization had administrative procedures and that Mr Kabimba should have written to him before running to the Post Newspaper to announce his suspension.

He said he was disappointed that he had to learn about his suspension in the Post Newspaper when Mr Kabimba could have easily called him to find out the truth ‘’before excitedly rushing to the media’’.

He said he had never met any United Party for National Development (UPND) official and that it was shocking that Mr Kabimba who is the general secretary of the Rainbow Party could suspend him without verifying his allegations.

“You mean Mr Kabimba has suspended me from the Rainbow Party? I have not been informed and there has not been any form of correspondence. It is undemocratic to take punitive actions against members in a party without informing them or giving them an opportunity to be heard. I do not understand Mr Kabimba’s kind of administration and leadership. In a normal organization, I should have been given the opportunity to be heard before being punished.

‘‘I am shocked that Mr Kabimba has suspended me and decided to inform the Post Newspaper before giving me the letter. I have never belonged to the UPND and it is not true that I have been treacherous. In fact, because of the many differences I have had with Mr Kabimba, I resigned from the Rainbow Party,” Mr Hiyschaoma said.

Mr Hiyachoma said he was not a pushover in politics and that his suspension was going to anger a lot of his supporters in the region and that the Rainbow Party risked becoming extinct if Mr Kabimba was going to continue governing the party using autocratic means.

He said Mr Kabimba had been receiving false reports about him and it was unfortunate that the Rainbow Party leader had been acting against his party members on hearsay.

He said that since he was a more organized leader, he was going to follow administrative procedure and wait for his suspension letter before taking any action.

“Just wait, I want to follow procedure and wait for my letter of suspension”,Mr Hiyachoma said.

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