Shakafuswa condemns politics of insults


KATUBA UPND Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa says he will not allow his party members to bring the name of President Edgar Lungu into ridicule.

And Mr Shakafuswa has described as childish the tendency by some opposition party members and leaders to disparage the Head of State.

Mr Shakafuswa said to disrespect the sitting Head of State was cheap politicking. He told Daily Nation yesterday in an interview that he was not in support of remarks which were being made by some of his party members which lowered President Lungu’s name.

“I have not been bought as alleged by some people for coming out in this manner but I feel that it is cheap politics to bring the name of the Head of State into ridicule,” Mr Shakafuswa said.

He urged UPND members to be above such politics, adding that putting the name of the Head of State into ridicule was childish.

Mr Shakafuswa’s comment follows a defamatory Facebook post by the UPND official based in the United Kingdom, Larry Mweetwa, disparaging President Lungu.

“This is what I call cheap. Yakumbuyo is an obscenity and as such you cannot bring a sitting President into such ridicule. Am UPND but I want our party to show that we are above this kind of childishness,” the Katuba lawmaker responded via Facebook post.

Mr Shakafuswa said it was not correct to use hate speech on one individual who was the current sitting President.

He said condemning cheap and childish politics did not mean that he was bought by the ruling party.

Mr Shakafuswa said he was not bought by the PF but that he was making sure that his party was not engaging in cheap and petty politics. He called on party members to engage President Lungu and the PF in issue-based politics as opposed to bringing his name into ridicule.

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