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The Patriotic Front has been growing from strength to strength since its inception in 2001 and therefore assertions by Kalomo member of Parliament, Request Muntanga that the party is disintegrating is wishful thinking, says PF secretary general Davis Chama.

He said the ruling party was intact and its presence is felt in every part of the country.

‘’Does Mr Muntanga really know what he is talking about? UPND was formed before the Patriotic Front was formed; the PF is associated to a Bemba party but is Edgar Lungu a Bemba?

‘’When Anderson Mazoka died, the UPND said the only person to take over is a Tonga. In 2001 we only had one Member of Parliament in Lupososhi, in 2006 we increased to 46. How many do we have now, over 70. But for them, from 40 something MPs, they have 30. Now who is disintegrating?” he asked.

He advised Mr Muntanga to be factual when making statements adding that he should just enjoy the allowances he gets from Parliament.

And Mr Chama said the ruling party was aware that there are some people who are claiming that they have been side-lined by the party leadership and are scheming to come up with their own parallel Patriotic Front (PF) .

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that the PF was not worried by reports that some members of the party were contemplating leaving the party because they felt side-lined.

Mr Chama said those who were planning to form a faction from the main party had the constitutional right to do so but urged them to come out in the open and declare their positions rather than hiding in the PF.

“We know that there is a group of people which is calling itself the PF ‘true greens’ which is scheming to break away from the parent PF, alleging that they have been side-lined despite being the old members of the party who have contributed to the growth of the party.

‘‘But the truth is that we have not side-lined anyone. For example, if someone has been given the position of deputy minister and wants a full Cabinet portfolio, can you say that someone is being side-lined? No. That is not true.

“However, whether this information we are getting is true or not, we are not worried because our party was founded on a strong foundation which can never be shaken by these schemers.

‘‘The party is too strong to be shaken by a few individuals who are allegedly forming the parallel PF True Greens because we are all true greens,” Mr. Chama said.

He challenged the group to be ‘‘men enough’’ and come out in the open to declare their intentions to Zambians.

“So, we challenge the group to come out in the open and declare its interest to the Zambian people rather than working behind the scene.

‘‘Let them be men enough and come out of their hiding because it is not helping them in any way to pretend they are with us when they are working against us. That is cowardice. The PF is bigger than all of them,” he said

Asked whether the said discontentment among senior party members could have been the reason behind Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa’s resignation from Government as deputy minister, Mr. Chama said those were just speculations.

“Mr. Sampa was appointed to be in this Government; so how could he possibly think he was side-lined? He made it clear in his resignation letter that he wanted to mobilize the PF at the grassroots and that is what we shall take, at least for now, but we will have to wait and see how events will unfold over the same.

“The most important thing for now is that no matter what happens, we are more than ready for such eventualities such as the brewing faction. We are not shaken and we shall prevail because we have done that before,” he said.

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