I’ll teach GBM a lesson


I will teach Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba a lesson he will never forget in his business and political life if he decides to re-contest the Kasama Central Parliamentary seat, says Patriotic Front Kasama Central aspiring parliamentary candidate Kelvin Sampa.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Sampa said the former parliamentarian was a nonentity and a non-issue in Kasama.

He said the people of Kasama have made it clear that they wanted a loyal person to be their leader and not the one who used money to exert his political pressure on the people of Kasama.

“I will teach GBM a lesson he will never ever forget in his business and political life. GBM thinks that he can continue exerting his financial muscle on the poor people of Kasama by pulling them from one end to the other. Let him re-contest if he so wishes, I am ready and we are ready for the show piece in Kasama,” said Mr. Sampa.

Mr. Sampa said the UPND vice president for administration would drink his own political medicine, adding that no amount of violence would stop him from challenging Mr. Mwamba who had already shown interest of re-contesting the seat on the UPND ticket.

Mr. Sampa also reminded Zambians to be wary of the GBM-Hakainde Hichilema pact, saying that electing the two businessmen as leaders in Zambia would be a disaster to the nation.

“Today Zambians are complaining about the high prices of mealie meal, GBM owns a milling company and he has increased the prices of mealie meal despite buying cheap maize. This is to fix people so that they hate Government and President Lungu. I can rest assure you that these people want to fix you in order for you to rebel against the government,” he said.

Mr. Sampa challenged Mr. Mwamba to show leadership by reducing the prices of mealie meal at GBM milling if he loved the people of Zambia.

But Mr. Mwamba said it had now become clear that the PF were on a mission to divide the country in the manner President Lungu was campaigning on the Copperbelt and the rest of the country.

Mr. Mwamba said it was sad that few days after dedicating the country to God, it was clear that the PF were still living in sin.

“To all the Zambians that watched and listened to the PF rally in Kitwe addressed by President Edgar Lungu himself and a number of their leaders it was clear the entire rally was full of hate speeches attacking other citizens especially the UPND. What a missed opportunity when our people on the Copperbelt expected messages of economic hope especially in the light of massive job losses in the mining and other sectors,” he said.

Mr. Mwamba said the UPND, shall continue with its issue based political campaigns of offering solutions and hope for the majority suffering people unlike the PF who were busy blaming everything on other countries.

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