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We need solutions from opposition


Politics of promises ba opposition are long gone. We beg you to drift from politics of promises and begin to offer criticism as well as solutions to problems you are noting. Why do you want us to wait for you to get into power first for your potential to be enjoyed? Your friends have used promises and formed Government in the past and you also want to rely on the same. Do practical things to help curb poverty and many other challenges being experienced by Zambians. Ba Post seems too happy when we are facing difficulties.

Curtis L Chirwa

 You cannot continue to cheat us


Gone are the days when the post newspaper would sway and play on Zambians minds by writing stories that benefit them. At least most Zambians are well informed and what remains is to see the post pack and go as can be seen by poor sales and lack of interest by Zambians to buy the tabloid.

Mofya MM, Lusaka

 2016 not automatic for HH


I wish to advise that it is not automatic that United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema is going to win next year’s presidential elections. He is also inconsistent. Just a few days he was quoted saying he needs to merge with other parties. Secondly his reasoning on unemployment, power deficit and economic challenges are not too convincing as they lack specifications of how he is going to do it. Many of these proclamations cannot be taken serious as almost all nations worldwide are grappling with the same challenges. Let him give you proven formulas on how the above issues will be resolved within a short time than making baseless and meaningless proclamations.

Chiti JB, Lusaka

 Which way UPND


Thank you for giving us this space in your paper, allow me to comment on the UPND and its call for a merger. Today you will hear UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema say that they are popular and tomorrow you hear them say they want a merger. This is confusing it is better they come out in the open and ask those who are willing to work with them to join them and sign the pact openly.

Tembo Isaac, Lusaka


We want to hear real issues



My advice to our politicians is that they should be discussing the solutions to the problems that people are experiencing. I think discussing the defection of one individual from one party to another will not sort out the problems in this country. Stick to real issues and see to it that the lives of the people are improving and not merely politicking.

W.N, Lusaka

 Police doing a commendable job 


The Zambia police through the traffic section are doing a commendable job especially on church Road. The traffic officers are working tirelessly to make sure that there is no congestion on this road. The problem on this road is that there are a lot of traffic lights.

Concerned motorist


Let us work together


Let us be united as PF party and move forward. We should not be discouraged by those that are leaving the party it is time for us to work together and forge ahead. The 2016 general elections are around the corner. Time to get organized is now United we stand, divided we fall.

Moses Sinkala, Lusaka

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