Respect Litunga-Nkoyas


IT is unacceptable for some sections advocating the secession of Western Province to disparage the Litunga and his Kuta for refusing to be part of the demands , says Nkoya’s Kazanga cultural association vice chairperson Enoch Shibata.

He said as much as they were not part of the secessionist  in Western Province; it was unfair for some advoactes to disrespect their Litunga over his wise decisions to distance himself from the crusade.

He said those who were aggrieved by the decision should respect the Litunga if they wanted successful talks over Barotse Agreement of 1964 and any other burning issues in the area.

Mr Shibata said Nkoyas distanced themselves from the secession crusade from Zambia because they were not part and parcel.

“As Kazanga association who presides over tradition and custom, I feel for the Litunga who is being insulted day and night for refusing to be part of those calling for secession. I feel respecting his decision was the best way to solve the situation at hand,” he said.

Mr Shibata said it was unfortunate that there was a clique which  wanted to dent the image of innocent citizens.

“The Litunga is a wise and a peaceful man because he knows the relationship among the people of Western Province. We don’t even know where the splitter group spearheading the secession is coming from. Let the people keep on protecting the Litunga if he does what is good for all the people in the area,” he said.

Mr Shibata said the same secessionists were the ones who were delaying dialogue.

“Those who are involved should reconcile with both the Litunga and the Government if they were to achieve what they want,” he said.


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