Cartel targets ministers-Musoma



THE cartel has reinvigorated its smear campaign and is now fighting ministers to destabilize government, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has charged.

Mr. Musoma said the cartel would not stop at anything in its quest to achieve its goal of disorienting operations of government by creating confusion so that ministers could waste time fighting each other at the expense of providing a service to the people of Zambia.

He said the current blame-game and corruption allegations against ministers such as Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma and Copperbelt Provincial Minister Mwenya Musenge and other senior government officials was the beginning of worse things to come.

Mr Musona said it was unfortunate that some ministers were fighting each other over allegations they did not understand thereby brewing confusion in government.

He said the cartel was almost succeeding in creating despondency among some of the senior officials in government and that the smear campaign is likely to gain momentum as the country gets to the 2016 general elections because the group wants PF out of government so that its ‘sins’ could be covered.

He explained that there have been a lot of schemes that the cartel had embarked on and called upon those in government to be open-minded towards one another so that they did not find themselves in the web of deception because the cartel was capable of using them to achieve its agenda.

He said the PF Government should not underestimate the cartel but ensure that it was always alert to its manipulative tendencies.

“This is a war that Government should be careful with these people otherwise, the cartel is gaining ground. The group has now realised attacking President Lungu directly has not been effective of late and now their option is to dismantle Government by bringing in confusion so that most people feel that government has not done enough for them.

This is why you have now seen a slight shift in attacks to the ministers and senior government officials.

“Their strategy now is to bring confusion in government so that ministers can finish off each other and that is why on a daily basis it is Musenge this, Yaluma that and this will continue, especially that we are going to the polls next year.  This is why we are saying that there will be chaos in government if people occupying senior offices do not open their eyes and see the snares that have been planted by these people,” Mr. Musoma said.

He challenged government officials to engage each other when they had issues rather than rushing to the media to air their views in public as that would expose them to their enemies who were working hard to bring them down.

“This issue of attacking each other in public domain is not good and that is one of the loopholes that the cartel is using to brew confusion and so far, it’s working to their advantage because we are already seeing bitter exchanges coming from people serving in the same government when they should be resolving their problems amicably,” he said.

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