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The Government is too soft  on the cartel which is inciting disaffection and despondency for their political benefit, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has charged.

The unjustified increases in food prices, violence and instability in  higher learning institution and inflammatory language, he said, were all aimed at creating a negative perception for political ends.

Mr. Musoma charged that the cartel was behind most misfortunes that the country was in, adding that the cartel was on a mission to remove the ruling party from power.

“There is no doubt the cartel is inciting local associations such as the Millers to increase the prices for essential commodities to frustrate Government” Mr. Mr. Musoma said.

Prices of essential commodities, many of them produced locally, without any foreign input were being increased for no justifiable reason.

“We are concerned and we strongly believe that there is an invisible hand in all that is happening in the country. There is no doubt that the cartel is inciting people such as the millers association to increase the prices so as to prove the point that government is not working,” Mr. Musoma said.

He urged Government scale up its game and be in control, by ensuring that nobody unnecessarily hiked the prices for essential commodities.

“The Government is busy watching, which is not healthy, just look at the escalating of the prices of essential commodities. The cartel is trying by all means to make it look as if Government is not working so as to have them voted out of power, Government should wake up from its slumber or else they will never know that would hit them next,” he said.

Mr. Musoma also urged President Lungu to be strong and show leadership, by putting up policies that would enhance price control for essential commodities.

He said the cartel was trying hard to outshine his efforts and create a wrong perception that government had failed to meet its obligation to the Zambian people.

“We urge President Lungu to be strong and show leadership, he should ask these people why they are exploiting Zambians, if possible let him even introduce price control, because this is not right,” he said.

Mr. Musoma further warned President Lungu to watch out for spies in Government working with the cartel.

He said it was evident that the cartel had spies in Government who always leaked state information.

“The cartel have got money even more than Government, they are funded. They have people in Government whom they are working with and they pay these people to spy on Government, some are even in cabinet. The President should watch out for these people, Mr Musoma said”.

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