2016 will be easy for Lungu-Chama


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu won the January presidential election without using State resources and he is going to emerge victorious in the 2016 general elections without dipping his hands into the national purse despite having the advantage of incumbency, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF general secretary Davis Chama said despite being a senior member of the ruling party, President Lungu refused to use public resources for his campaigns and that the party through its well-wishers mobilized the financial resources to successfully finance the campaign.

Mr Chama said President Lungu was a decent politician who was going to level the playing field during the campaigns by ensuring that the PF mobilised its own financial resources to fund the 2016 general elections.

He told the Daily Nation that President Lungu would still enjoy the use of State facilities such as transport because he was constitutionally entitled to use Government cars, planes and fuel. Mr Chama said President Lungu won the January presidential election under extremely difficult circumstances and environment and that the PF was going to ensure that the 2016 would be the easiest to win for the Head of State.

He stated that President Lungu was treated like an opposition presidential candidate in the January presidential election despite the PF being in Government and that the ruling party was aggressively mobilizing resources to ensure the Head of State had an easy and smooth victory.

Mr Chama said those who were insinuating that President Lungu was going to spend Government money in the coming general elections were only attempting to mislead Zambians so that they could start maligning the Head of State.

“President Lungu has been saying that it was not his idea to become President and go into State House but that God had destined and purposed him. President Lungu won the January presidential election under extremely difficult circumstances and despite being a senior member of the ruling party, he refused to use State resources in his campaigns.

“This time around, the PF is going to make it extremely easy for the President to win the elections next year. The President has said he is going to spend money and it is not going to come from the Treasury.

“ The PF is mobilizing resources to finance the 2016 general elections and President Lungu is such a decent politician and leader who is not going to dip his hands into the national purse to fund the PF campaigns,” Mr Chama said.

Mr Chama said the infrastructure development President Lungu had continued implementing had deflated the hopes and the fantasy  the opposition political parties and their sympathizers had before the January presidential election.

He said Zambia had seen unmatched infrastructure development in the last four years and that Zambians were comfortable with President Lungu who he said was providing admirable leadership.

Mr Chama said Zambians were elated with President Lungu’s reconciliation, love peace and unity messages and that Zambia could not have a better leadership than what the Head of State was providing.

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