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That was not rainbow but a halo


Strictly speaking for those who may not know the Queen’s language well, what formed around the sun on the day of prayer and fasting was a halo and not a rainbow. But to the Post newspaper that was a rainbow and they even put a front page headline “Prayer day worshipers celebrate rainbow”. That is because they love to distort facts to suit their selfish ends and because the Rainbow Party belongs to their friend Kabimba. Even their cartoon ‘Agony’ reads ‘‘agony is a rainbow appearing in the sky at the very climax of your day of prayer and fasting” with obvious misinterpretation of the whole issue. But Zambians are too smart to be misled by such shallow and childish misinterpretation.

Joseph Gabriel, Lusaka.


Yet another lie!  


Why is the Post so desperate to lie to the nation that PF deputy SG told the people of Eastern Province that they want President Lungu to lose the general elections next year? Please Fred and your Post, give us a break from your lies which are aimed at provoking tribal anger against Mrs Phiri by the Easterners.

Hewitt, Lusaka.




GBM cannot use money to win Kasama


GBM can never use money to win Kasama Central. You cannot use money to buy appetite for power, health, sleep, wisdom, beauty,  joy and friends. It is a mark of folly to fail to learn from history. GBM spent a lot in Kabwata. Did he win?  

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe.



Cadres harassing council staff


It is very sad to see that City market is being controlled by party cadres who are preventing council staff to work. There is no sanity. Where are the police? We know the people who are behind all this. It is unfortunate that even some of the so-called leaders at the market are in the forefront in harassing people. The minister of Local Government should act now.





Bravo Zambians!


Bravo Zambians for taking the day of national prayer seriously. May the Almighty God bless Zambia and its people.

Sydney Chivunda, Kabwe .



HH and day of prayer


HH should be replaced by Hon. Kakoma because he misled a lot of UPND members who were eager to join national prayers on Sunday. HH had to perhaps consult his sangoma to make a last-minute decision on whether to join in prayers or not. We cannot have leaders of that sort. Hon Mweetwa was at pains to announce that decision on TV. It is very shameful.

Goma, Lusaka.



God approved our prayers


I wish to thank President Edgar Lungu for having declared 18th October as a public holiday from now onwards. The halo that appeared during the prayers was God’s answer that the President meant well and that it was God who guided him. The agents of the devil are now ashamed; we forgive them. Here in Kafue, we met at Catholic Church and all went well except for the last speech which spoiled the event. It was more of a UPND campaign manager in his closing remarks than a man of God. What a shame.

JK, Kafue


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