God will bless Zambia without HH


What transpired at the prayer day on Sunday was simply great. One could truly feel the presence of God at the venue.

What a pity for people like Hakainde Hichilema of UPND and other opposition leaders who stayed away from the event at the Show grounds. They really missed the blessings from the Lord.

But they are not an issue. Only God knows the verity about their nonattendance.

It is was clearer that President Lungu still has God’s favour on his side and come 2016, it will be plain sailing for him.

At least that was the feeling I got from the event. If God says Lungu should continue to rule Zambia, no man on earth can say NO. It is as simple as that.

The halo around the sun was also something to watch and what a sign from God that must uplifted the spirits of the many believers who thronged the show grounds.

My wish is for Zambia is to make October 18 a national prayer day every year. Let us worship and ask God to forgive our sins in that manner and Zambia will prosper.

May the Lord bless Zambia.

Smart Sakala.


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