Get it from me: Post lying-chief


CHIEF Ntambu of the Lunda-speaking people says it is evil for the Post reporter whom he talked to on development to manipulate the discussion and insinuate that he described the current leadersship as “idiots”.

“I received a call from one of the reporters from the Post yesterday (Thursday). This person wanted to know the challenges that we are facing in the chiefdom. He asked about the health facilities and I told him that we only have one hospital in the area which is owned by the missionaries to which Government had seconded some health personnel to boost up service delivery to the people. I told him that the only challenge that could have been at the health institution was housing since more workers had been sent there,” he said.

He however said he was shocked that the Post newspaper quoted him as saying that Zambians were being led by idiots who thought that fasting would cause an economic miracle because he had never talked about that topic with anyone.

Chief Ntambu said while it was true he had an interview with a reporter from the Post newspaper, their discussion was limited to the challenges that the chiefdom was experiencing. “That reporter switched to the challenges of roads and I explained that the road network was not good as people were forced to use the Solwezi route to go to Mwinilunga district administration centre because the shortcut was in a bad state especially during the rainy season where it was almost impassable.

“I even said that we were happy that Kalumbila mine had donated 11,000 litres of fuel to be used to work on the road and that Government had mobilised equipment towards the same. At that point, the reporter asked me what my comment was on the national day of prayers and I categorical told him that I did not know what Zambians were praying for and so, I could not comment on a matter whose details I did not know,” he said.

He said he was shocked to learn that the paper had carried a story attributed to him and calling the leadership  “idiots”.

“I have not yet recovered from the shock of this story attributed to me. Get if from me; I never said anything like that, it was a lie aimed at tarnishing my image so that Government can think that I am against it. I have a good working relationship with this Government and that is the truth that is known by people even at provincial level and am sure they are also shocked just like me,” Chief Ntambu said.

He said he was a Christian who had respect for national leaders and that attributing such vulgar language to him was unfortunate.

“Iam a Christian, a member of the Baha’i church which has deep respect for leaders and drawing me into this confusion is very unfortunate and am at pains to understand what that reporter was looking for from me. From now, I will have second thoughts about what this paper reports about because I had a fair share of their lies. Get it from me, it is a lie!” he said.

The traditional leader was quoted in yesterday’s edition of the Post newspaper as saying that Zambia was ruled by idiots who thought that fasting would cause an economic miracle.

He is alleged to have said that the PF government was trying to divert people’s attention from its failures by calling for a day of national prayers and fasting which falls tomorrow.



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