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Deregister associations operating like cartels


Government should start identifying associations which are operating as cartels, for example the Millers Association of Zambia and deregister them. It is better to start dealing with individual milling companies. Please may Government quicken the issue of solar milling plants.




HH bitter with God


During the national congregation of the SDA at the National Heroes stadium some time back this year, HH who claims to be a staunch elder of SDA church snubbed the Head of State H.E Mr Edgar Lungu. Therefore Zambians should not be surprised by HH shunning the national prayers day as he declared his intentions. The man is bitter with God for making Lungu fifth President of our beloved Republic. God has done miracles throughout the human history.

Chishimba, Masaiti.




Tycoon builds on road in Twin Palm, angers residents 


Our road off Twin Palm after Memorial park has been left out for tarring because one tycoon has built on the road and the councilor is part of the scam. One part from Bauleni is done but across from Green Box is still gravel. Our MP Guy Scott is scared to be involved in unblocking the road.




Prayer is voluntary


People should not be forced to pray and those who do not want leave them alone. Prayer should be voluntary and not a forcing matter. Let those who are willing attend the national day of prayer. Why should the issue of prayer be politicized?

Jackson Tembo, Lusaka




Quality leaders bring



There is a very strong link between the quality of ministers and national development. The President should not just appoint minsters because there are vacancies. We need to have the people with right qualifications for these jobs and they need to be placed in right positions. These ministers are the ones who advise the President on policy issues and therefore need to have knowledge and experience in that particular discipline.

W. N, Lusaka.



Post lied on shortage of ARVs


The post lied to the nation recently when they reported about a looming shortage of Anti-Retroviral drugs in Zambia. People of Zambia I am warning you to be aware with this cartel paper and Fred. Don’t buy his lies and it is good the Zambian people know him. Daily Nation you are the only paper which gives us good news, keep it up.

Hewitt, Lusaka.




Wilbur Simuusa is fueling

divisions in PF


Wilbur Simuusa is fueling divisions in PF. The man seems uncomfortable with Lungu administration. He is quoted talking ill of his own political party. If there are concerns to talk about you discuss privately. Why disgrace your own bedroom in public? Simuusa is a flop in his own constituency, the party must punish this man; he has disgraced himself.

Enock Mukosha, Kitwe



President Lungu should clean State House of moles


President Lungu should get rid of all the members of staff at State House who are in the habit of leaking classified documents to the media. If this is not done I am afraid these people may just reveal State secrets to the enemies.


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