Opposition has lost the sparkle


The shimmer which was once in our opposition political parties has now turned into total apathy.

They don’t inspire anyone anymore because of taking to low-down type of politics which dwell on personalities instead of tangible issues affecting Zambians.

It has become contemporary for the opposition to always pour scorn on President Lungu and his Government to show off their irrational political muscles.

They think that when they insult they will be heard louder. But thank God Zambians are smart people who have seen their low-priced politics which mean nothing to them.

Some of our opposition political leaders have even gone to bed with the cartel with the hope of selling themselves politically.

But sadly, it is all ending in vain because people have seen their right colours and cannot be trusted with the affairs of the country.

For example, is President Lungu who has been in State House for only 8 months responsible for the poor rains which has led to the current load shedding?

Is he also to blame for the falling copper prices which are the main stay of Zambia’s economy at 70 per cent?

For now, I think 2016 will be a fiddly situation for them unless they change their approach and begin to debate issues affecting Zambians NOT insults.

Joe Musipu


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