Thieves, tax evaders must pay


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu must  deal decisively  with thieves and tax invaders who have built financial empires using fraudulently acquired money and are using it to cause despondency and political consternation so that the country could become ungovernable, the Christian Coalition has said.

Christian Coalition general secretary John Mwendapole said President Lungu should learn from what had happened from previous heads of State who became victims of the clique with some of them being demonized to their graves.

Reverend Mwendapole said Zambia was being terrorised by a clique of individuals who had over the years manipulated and held presidents hostage and that President Lungu should ensure that those who owed the country money through fraudulent borrowing accounted for their financial transgressions.

Rev Mwendapole said President Lungu was the hope of Zambians to deal with the cartel that had over the years fanned and propagated hatred against former leaders who had demanded that the money they criminally owed Zambians should be paid back to the treasury.

He told the Daily Nation that Zambia was still under siege as the members of the cartel who owed Zambians money through their fraudulent borrowing were freely roaming the streets and using the money to cause consternation in the country.

He said President Lungu had the opportunity to bring to an end the impunity by a clique of corrupt individuals who he said had wantonly looted and plundered the country by fraudulently borrowing and evading tax obligations.

“Zambia is politically and economically being terrorized by the same group of individuals who have accumulated a lot of wealth and have built financial empires. These people are certainly financially powerful and my appeal to President Lungu is that he has the best chance to make sure the thieves and tax evaders are accountable for their financial sins.

They are using the money they have acquired fraudulently to propagate hate messages and cause despondency so that the country becomes ungovernable and create an environment for regime change.

President Lungu must learn from what happened to some former president some of whom were demonized to their graves because they had given the clique room to do as they wished,” Rev Mwendapole said.

Rev Mwendapole said Zambians were concerned that there had been a lot of inertia in dealing with the people who were seeking to make the country ungovernable.

He said the clique was taking advantage of the global economic crisis to deliberately misinform Zambians that the economic turmoil was as a result of poor governance so that there could be an uprising against Government.

Rev Mwendapole stated that Government had been made vulnerable because each time there was a decision to act, the clique had cried victim and yet Zambians were aware that the group that was causing terror in the country was the most vengeful and hateful the country had ever known.

“They (tax evaders) are deeply involved in politics but we are worried that there is no maturity in the manner they conduct their politics.

They want to get power at all costs and they have no love  for this country.

The Bible says a good name is better than wealth and they should be informed that their time will come and we hope President Lungu is going to act sooner rather than later,” Rev Mwendapole said.

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