State House probes leaks

STATE House has launched investigations into the stealing and leaking of President Edgar Lungu’s speech to the 5th session of the 11th National Assembly and has warned that those who will be found wanting will face the wrath of the law.

State House permanent secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama said it had been discovered that the presidential speech to Parliament had been leaked and that State House and Cabinet staff were being investigated over the criminal act.

Mr Chilubanama told the Daily Nation that State House in its quest to establish how President Lungu’s speach was stolen and leaked to the Post

Newspaper which subsequently caused its publication before the Head of State could deliver it to Parliament, investigations had been commenced and that all the culprits would certainly be brought to book.

He said the investigations would involve staff at State House and those at Cabinet Office to make sure the officers at the two institutions had nothing to do with the leakage of the speech.

Mr Chilubanama warned that the law would visit any civil servant both at State House and Cabinet Office irrespective of their status because Government was working to root out disloyal and indisciplined civil servants because they were a danger to the smooth running of the civil service.

He however said that State House had enhanced its security system and that the leakages of classified documents and the stealing of State secrets was not as rampant as it had been in the past few years.

Mr Chilubanama said punitive action would be taken against the culprits who would be found wanting, warning that stealing State secrets and leaking Government classified documents was a criminal offence. “We discovered that President Lungu’s speech to the 5th session of the 11th National Assembly was leaked to the Post newspaper and was published before the Head of State could deliver it to Parliament. State House is deeply concerned with the leakage and we have instituted investigations into the matter in our quest to establish how the President’s speech could have found itself at the Post newspaper. In our investigations, we have involved the staff at State House and those at Cabinet Office. But since we took over with President Lungu, the leakages of classified Government documents has reduced as compared to the last few years,” Mr Chilubanama said.

He said in any system it was expected that there would be some bad elements whose desire was to sabotage and undermine the governance system, warning that such traitors would not be allowed to continue being in the civil service.

He said the investigations had reached an advanced stage and that the nation was going to be informed of the findings.

Mr Chilubanama said tight security measures were being put in place and that State House had an idea of those who could have been involved in the leaking of President Lungu’s speech.

And Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili said the cartel that held late president Michael Sata hostage and almost hijacked State power had left a lot of their agents and moles in most of the key and sensitive Government departments.

Mr Kambwili has warned the civil servants who were disloyal to President Lungu’s administration to leave the civil service before they could be discovered because they would not be able to escape the law if discovered.

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