Litunga not compromised-BRE


THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has rubbished reports that Government has compromised the Litunga of the Lozi people by offering a diplomatic position to one of his children.

BRE spokesperson Induna Katema has said it was not true that the Litunga had a son who has been sent into diplomatic service by the Government.

But some Lozi loyalists have warned the BRE to stop using the Barotse Agreement of 1964 for their personal benefit because the consequences of such acts would be dire.

Induna Katema said he was disappointed with people who were bringing down the image of the Kuta, stating that the Lozi king should not be maligned and that those with issues were free to approach the establishment on their grievances.

“We are hearing a lot of speculations but the Kuta has never been approached on various issues. We are just informed through the media and this is not going to solve anything,” he said.

Induna Katema said there were people who were masquerading as coming from the royal family with the purpose of disgracing the Litunga.

He said no well-meaning Lozi would bring the Kuta into disrepute as most of their decisions were based on wide consultations.

The Kuta is the highest law-making organ of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE).

“As parents we are very disappointed with the growing trend of disrespecting the establishment at the expense of resolving issues,” he said.

And one of the Barotse royal family members, Prince Ngalama has challenged the BRE to come out clean on the reports that the Litunga’s son had been offered a diplomatic job.

Prince Ngalama said even if it were true that the Litunga’s son had been given a diplomatic job by Government, the people of Western Province would still oppose the BRE in the manner they were administering the affairs of the establishment.

Prince Ngalama said it was the lack of cohesion in the dispute between Government and the loyalists that was causing tension in the region and charged that the Kuta should be blamed for its alleged failure to run the establishment.

He stated that people of Western Province were resolved that the Kuta should be dissolved because there was a real danger that the establishment would face embarrassment.

“Whether the Litunga’s child qualifies to go to diplomatic service, this has got nothing to do with the independence of Barotseland,” Prince Ngalama said.

And sources in Limulunga village revealed that there was fear at the palace because some people were not happy with the BRE.

“But even if the Kuta wants to do the things their way, they know that all the powers are with the people. Even if there is security there, when people want to act they can do it whether with the presence of security or not,” the source said.

The sources also said the alleged Litunga’s child by the name of Brian Imwiko was the only son he had had with the late Moyo (wife) of the Lozi King.



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