Toxic personalities

Our obnoxious and truly toxic personalities are intent on demoralizing the country into total inertia. They are a lost cause that should not be allowed to undermine, poison and ultimately frustrate the development pace and agenda the country has set itself.

This noxious clique of individuals, given vent in jaundiced media, see nothing good around them and therefore daily prophesy doom, failure and calamity. This is their lot and no amount of reality doses will rouse them from their self induced pessimistic view of the nation.

They have no intention of accepting that calamities and setbacks are but part of life and that only resilience and determination will help the nation surmount and climb out of deep troughs wrought by human and natural events.

They seek comfort in misadventure and failure. They find solace in the cesspit of human depravity. They are misfits.

It is a fact of history that for every successful nation there is select team of  diehard optimists who see beyond the present malaise to the future, and yet there are  also the pessimists and naysayers for whom no future exists.

These are the toxic individuals, daily preoccupied with fault finding, finger pointing and negative energy.

It is not difficult to identify toxic people who exude negativity through their personalities and work:

They emit negative vibes

They are manipulating and controlling

They think highly of themselves

They have sadist tendencies

They target our self esteem

They take pleasure in annoying us

They cause stress and dissonance

They demolish our peace of mind.

Fortunately   the majority of Zambians are sane, they see opportunity where others seed despair, they cherish the opportunity to improve their circumstance while other wallow in self pity and desperation, other wallow in self pity others rise to the occasion.

The future of our country lies in our own hands.

 While there is precious little we can do about climate change there is a lot we can do to mitigate the phenomenon by learning from countries that have overcome perennial water deficit such as Israel.

While there is not much we can do about the declining commodity prices we can diversify and industrialize to give value to the mineral products that we produce.

While indeed poverty has deepened, we can structure our economy to capture the creative effort and industry of peasants by ensuring that whatever they produce is bought at reasonable prices to enable them contend with the ever changing dynamics of the economy.

The establishment of cooperatives should provide the impetus and mechanism to deliver to the lowest common denominator of our economy by a common synergy of communal utilization of resources.

The Government must as a matter of priority continue to provide for and minister to the needs of the poorest of the poor in rural areas by the provision of health, education and clean water in order to improve the lives of the majority. This is a mission that must be fully supported with all the resources the Government can master.

The toxic personalities have no place for the poor and dispossessed in their scheme of work, theirs is a quest for power for its own sake.


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