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HAKAINDE Hichilema must tone down in his abusive language and expression of exaggerated sense of being a national saviour, the Patriotic Front has advised.

PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri said Mr Hichilema was not a super-human being to claim that he would redeem the country from its current socio-economic challenges and should therefore stop misleading Zambians that he is a solution to their problems.

“We have attempted to ignore Mr Hichilema’s disparaging remarks against President Lungu but it would appear he is a man who takes our civil approach to politics as a weakness. But lest he has forgotten that the UPND was formed long before the PF but Zambians have continued rejecting the party because they cannot trust its leadership. Mr Hichilema is not a super human being    to end the socio-economic challenges facing Zambians today. Let him stop cheating that he has a magic bullet to the country’s economic malaise just because he is rich. Mr Hichilema may be a good business man but that does not make him a smart economic manager,” Mrs Phiri said.

Mrs Phiri said Zambians should ignore the promises of Mr Hichilema because they were nothing but political utopia meant to win sympathy from the electorate.

Mr Hichilema who is the United Party for National Development (UPND) president has been claiming that once voted into power would embark on opening up more mines in the country and created employment despite the global fall of the copper prices.

But Mrs Phiri wondered how Mr Hichilema who was an economist was going to open up more mines and create more employment when the global economic variables were that the growth of the world economy had slumped.

Mrs Mumbi said Mr Hichilema should tone down and stop making mega promises that he would not be able to honour because Zambians were tired of listening to his rhetoric as they were appreciating the efforts the PF Government under President Edgar Lungu was making to improve their lives.

She said the country’s economy was partly in shambles because of the role Mr Hichilema played in the privatization of the mines most of which she said were sold for a song.

Mrs Mumbi said although Mr Hichilema was bragging about his wealth, Zambians were aware that he had built his financial empire by ensuring that he made capital profits from the privatization process.

She stated that the UPND leaders and his vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba should stop thinking that being wealthy was an attribute of leadership recalling that Zambians voted for President Lungu who had never indicated or exhibited ambitions of leading the country.

Mrs Phiri said Zambians chose President Lungu because they saw leadership in him and did not care about the wealth of politicians who were aspiring to lead the country.

“Let me tall Mr Hichilema that leadership comes from God and it does not matter how much wealth one has. God often uses things and people who society feels do not matter to show His glory. If they continue with their kind of attitude towards Zambians, God will never give chance to rule Zambia. Prior to the January presidential election, Mr Hichilema was supported by all those who seemed to be powerful and influential citizens but Zambians still voted for President Lungu,” Mrs Phiri said.

She warned that more Zambians would lose their jobs should they make the mistake of voting for the UPND because its leader was going to bring back Anglo American which abandoned the country at the most critical economic crisis.

She said some leaders in the UPND had swindled farmers in Kasama by buying their maize and had allegedly refused to pay them their money.

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