Cartel curtailed, says President Lungu


THE cartel is a composition of powerful evil individuals who were once totally in-charge of the country, controlling the nation’s key strategic institutions and invaded the procurement of fertilizer, petroleum, products and construction sector, President Edgar Lungu has charged 

President Lungu revealed that Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe and his ally Wynter Kabimba Knew that President Michael Sata was ailing and thought he was going die and started positioning themselves to take over power.

And President Lungu has said the battle in the 2016 general elections was between himself (President Lungu) and United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Lungu has revealed that M’membe was investing heavily in the Rainbow Party lead by Mr Kabimba and had


neglected his obligations of paying his employees who have now gone for months without being paid their salaries.

Addressing Solwezi residents who welcomed him at Solwezi Airport on Saturday, President Lungu said he had decided to speak candidly about Mr M’membe’s hatred for him (President Lungu) because he had endured insults and distortions of his messages by the Post Newspaper beyond acceptable levels.President Lungu said Mr M’membe and his newspaper had been against the Patriotic Front (PF) for a long time and only started writing good and positive stories  about President Sata when he saw that the wind of change was favouring the ruling party.

The Head of State stated that Mr M’membe realised that Mr Kabimba who was the secretary general at the time was close to late president Sata, he manipulated the Rainbow Party leader and the duo sneaked their way into State House to illegitimately gain control of state power. He said he had managed to frustrate Mr M’membe’s business deals with Government and that was why he had become a victim of malice, slander, hate speech and lies such as allegations that he was cutting deals with President of Angola Eduardo dos Santos.

President Lungu said the battlelines between himself and the Post Newspaper had been drawn and that the Head of State was ready to meet them head on pledging however that he was not going to allow the newspaper to fold because it was naturally dying as it had lost business.

And President Lungu said the battle in the 2016 general elections was between the PF and UPND but that the opposition political party was fantasizing the prospects of taking over the governance of the country with glee using the Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba factor.

President Lungu said the combined riches of Mr Mwamba and Mr Hichilema were not going to win the UPND the general elections because Zambians did not vote for leaders because of their wealth. He said President Sata was alive to the dangers of getting hijacked by political money and that was why he did not carelessly accept donations because he knew he was going to become a prisoner of political blackmail.

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