Grand Coalition in Homosexual challenge


PATRIOTIC Front Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba has challenged the Grand Coalition on the constitution to state its position on homosexuality in the final draft constitution.

Mr. Kamba said the bill of rights the Grand Coalition wanted to be enacted into law protects homosexuality.

“These people who support homosexuality we know them and that is why their agenda is donor sponsored. Let them come out in the open and tell the nation what is their position on homosexuality. That is why even Fr. Leonard Chiti cannot come out strongly or openly on the matter,” Mr. Kamba said.

He said the PF will not bow down to the demands by the Grand Coalition because the group was unprogressive and unproductive.

Mr. Kamba wondered why the Grand Coalition was only interested in the Bill of Rights to be enacted into law when it was clear that the Bill of Rights they were talking about supports homosexuality.

“Zambians should open up their eyes and see what these people are fighting for. They are not fighting for a good constitution but a constitution which will support homosexuality. And that is why we are saying there should be a process,” he said.

Mr. Kamba also said the process of enacting a new constitution should not be Grand Coalition oriented but the people of Zambia.

He said Zambians were aware of the process, adding that parliament was the final authority in the enactment process.

“The National Assembly is the only body which is legally mandated to enact laws. So why use short cuts? What is the agenda of the Grand Coalition? Do they want this country to go into a constitutional crisis?” Mr Kamba asked.

Mr. Kamba said Zambia will not support alien lifestyle to be part of the constitution.

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