Sinazongwe Vet officers caned


SINAZONGWE district commissioner Protacio Mulenga has taken a swipe at the veterinary department in the district for failure to operate as expected.

Mr Mulenga said it was unacceptable for the department to be failing to reach out in deep rural areas such as Kafwambila in Chief Mweemba’s area to conduct routine operations and vaccinate animals.

But veterinary officers have defended their failures saying they had a challenge of manpower.

Speaking during a meeting with headmen and subjects of Chief Mweemba in Kafwambila area on Tuesday, Mr Mulenga said it was not the desire of the PF Government to see people’s animals die due to lack of medicine for vaccination.

He said the pride and wealthy of a Tonga person was in animals.

Mr Mulenga said it was important for Government departments operating in Sinazongwe to be servicing the communities they were operating in.

“You have to be serious with what you are doing. Your role as officers is to provide services to the people and you need to take those services to all parts of the district regardless of the location. As veterinary officers you need to come up with routine operations and reach this place and vaccinate the animals.

“I demand a report from your office on this issue. You have heard the community is complaining because you promised them free vaccination but you do not do it,” he said.

Mr Mulenga charged that the PF Government did not want to lie to the people but to fulfil its commitments.

“As Sinazongwe DC, I will supervise your department to ensure the problems of animal diseases are addressed and I want you to start moving,” he said. But the veterinary department attributed their failure to reach out to all the communities on the challenge of manpower.

Mathews Simasiku told the district commissioner and the headmen that the department in Sinazongwe district had a deficit of officers.

Mr Simasiku said currently, the department only had five officers to service the entire district.

On vaccination of animals, he said, the office was just waiting for new stock from the national office.

During the meeting, headmen complained that the veterinary department was not servicing Kafwambila area.

They complained that their animals were dying from mysterious diseases due to lack of vaccination adding that since 1964, the area has never had a veterinary officer.


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