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WOMEN should learn to appreciate each other’s contribution to national development instead of pulling one another down, Gallant Youth in Zambia executive director, Henry Mulenga has said.

Mr Mulenga said he was shocked that some women movements were questioning First Lady Esther Lungu’s outreach programme to help improve the livelihood of people in various districts.

He said it was unfortunate that the women’s movements only wanted to condemn without offering solution.

Mr Mulenga said the first lady was making efforts to ensure that the majority of the poor citizens were able to sustain their living.

He said it was for this reason Zambia would find difficulties in having female leaders because the women’s movements do not appreciate what their fellows were doing.

“How can we have a female leader when even the same women movement who should support each other wants to let them down,” Mr Mulenga said.

He said Ms Lungu was the mother of the nation and that she had a duty to ensure her children were not hungry, hence entitled to visit all the areas without intimidation.

“The problem is these NGO’s have failed to carry out the programmes they are supposed to and instead they have turned to criticising the achievements which others were doing.

“Who doesn’t know the role of the first lady and I am appealing to the women movement to please justify their points when they want to talk about the issues of national interest, otherwise they will be seen as if their organisations are of no use,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said it was unfortunate that some people wanted to oppose anything even if there was something beneficial to them.

He advised Zambians to be supportive of efforts to alleviate high poverty levels.

“Those who are condemning the first lady’s tours are not sincere and those are the people who do not want to see others’ lives are uplifted through programmes that are aimed at benefiting them,” Mr Mulenga said.

The first lady has embarked on an outreach programme aimed at uplifting the livelihood of the poor and vulnerable people in the country.

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