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Opposition should offer



If the opposition political parties are to be relevant in our country they should not just criticize but offer alternatives to the many problems that the country is facing. For example Zesco black outs, the depreciating kwacha and the rationing of water supply by Lusaka Water and Sewarage Company. These are problems that need solutions and we should come together and sort them out.

W.N, Lusaka



Politics of insults long gone


The politics of insults are long gone. It is not a good thing that some politicians spend much of their time attacking their political rivals. The people’s expectations in terms of development are very high. In this context, it is appropriate that the politicians work symbiotically together to improve the welfare of the people. One notable thing about the opposition political parties is that they have a role of providing checks and balances. This will entail true democracy which everyone should enjoy at all times. The ruling Patriotic Front should be given chance to rule.

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka



Vote out ‘no show’ politicians


It is sad that most of our politicians are only seen during campaign time. Once we vote for them they disappear. I think our leaders should find time to visit the people who voted for them into office. Our leaders should also fulfill the promises they make and not do the opposite of what they promised. The people who help you to go up are very important because you will need them one day.

Boyd Sakala, Lusaka





Can ZESCO stick to its

loading schedule?


We appreciate that ZESCO has to load shed due to circumstances beyond their control. We welcome their initiative to publish load shedding time tables. What is really annoying is that ZESCO does not follow its own time table. This is not good for planning purposes. ZESCO please save us from this double agony.

RMN, Kitwe




The nuisance of street



Something needs to be done urgently to control street vending especially in Lumumba Road. Vendors are trading close to the road which is very dangerous in case of a car losing control. The LCC must move in and see what they can do otherwise the situation is getting worse day by day. We should not wait until lives are lost; time to act is now. The dirt along this road is as a result of the vending. Lusaka looks as though it is not the capital city but a big filthy market.

Jackson Tembo, Lusaka




Give President Lungu

chance to deliver


I am appealing to my fellow Zambians to give chance to President Edgar Lungu so that he can deliver on his campaign promises. There can only be one president at any given time to govern the national affairs. The problems we are facing today need each and every one  of us to work together and not finger pointing and insults.

Siomon, Lusaka




Mayors and DCs doing

same jobs


We need to work together as a country if things are goWhat is the difference between the office of the mayor and the District commissioners? I was thinking these officers are doing the same job but with different titles.


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