‘Consult over DCs appointments’


The appointment of the district commissioners should be with the help of the community in which the officers will be operating if the Government is to achieve their goal in the districts, Nkoya Council representative Gilbert Kalambwe has said.

He said the local community should participate in the selection process because there were individuals who were determined to frustrate Government’s efforts.

Mr Kalambwe was of a view that some of the district commissioners who were removed performed better than those who were recently appointed.

“We the local people are able to tell who can perform and not. Let the Government consult the local people who might have more data about the person to be removed or put there,” he said.

Mr Kalambwe said the local people were able to identify people who could bring development based on the locality.

He said people wanted what was good for them through development rendered by Government.

Mr Kalambwe said however some projects failed because some of the appointments were only aimed at frustrating the efforts made by the Government.

He said no one would want to see a situation whereby those appointed as district commissioners ended up frustrating Government  efforts.

Mr Kalambwe suggested that Government should suspend the  transfer and firing of district commissioners to avoid creating loopholes. He said some people wanted to portray a picture that Government was not working because of their personal failures.

Mr Kalambwe said Government should thoroughly investigate individuals to be appointed before being given positions.

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