Nation under siege

Nation under siege

Zambia is under siege for the hearts and minds of the people and billions of dollars most of it from dubious sources will be employed to ensure regime change in 2016 or sooner.

So far a mobilization programme involving the recruitment, training and installation of agents in society to preach and promote the message of change has been launched.  A batch of political cadres was recently sent to Brazil for training and many more are likely to be dispatched for training and infiltration into society.

Behind this scheme is billions of kwacha whose source has as yet been identified although educated guesses suggest the money is from corrupt procurements and in the extreme money stolen from public institutions stashed in foreign countries now returning to Zambia to achieve change and bring to power the clique that failed to inherit power from late President Michael Sata.

The campaign is being supported by an equally highly charged propaganda campaign which has involved the management of perception and political marketing intended to give advantage to a particular party.

It is surprising that vast amounts of money have been moved into accounts some of them the Zambia Revenue Authority accounts without explanation and equally surprisingly the ZRA has made no attempts to establish whether the source of this money has been paying taxes.

There is absolutely no harm in political regime change if this is attained for a noble cause but in this case power is being sought purely to prolong vengeance, hate speech and political retribution against those considered to be inimical to the interests of the clique.

It is equally instructive that state institutions that should investigate money laundering and theft of funds through fraudulent procurement have failed to undertake investigations into criminal activities that have been reported by vigilant Zambians.

The worst part of the campaign is that through deception and sleight of hand information is being manipulated to create a perception that suggests failure incompetence and non performance by taking advantage of such natural occurrence as the current load shedding.

Facts are twisted and presented in the manner as to influence and provoke negative reaction from the electorate.

Ordinarily journalism should be objective by giving an audience accurate background and commentary on an issue unlike advertisements, news stories must be about issues reported in real time and in a manner that avoids bias or indeed misrepresentation.

These principles have been thrown to the wind as clear propaganda has become the norm rather than exception.

These culprit media have no intention of objective reporting but are instead determined to influence public understanding of issues through deception and confusion rather than presentation of real facts.

They realize that through deception the gullible audience will accept their goals and intentions to allegedly improve the lot of the Zambian people through their mode of governance.

In this exercise the truth is the ultimate victim and unless countered adequately and through correct information such distortions will carry the day.

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