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Chipenzi reminds Kabimba


Mr Chipenzi thank you for reminding Kabimba on the role he played in the poor governance of this country when he was Secretary General. The thinking of the cartel is that Zambians use their hearts to think instead of their brains. Kabimba was the one when asked by Costa Mwansa on Muvi TV, on why the Public Order Act cannot be repealed? His answer was, it will make the opposition take over PF Government if repealed. I don’t know now what he will say about it, that now he is in the opposition.

Micky, Lusaka




Zesco needs to be mindful


We are made to believe that the current Zesco black outs are due to low water levels. How come with the low water level, Zesco decided to open spill gates, destroying poor peasant farmer’s cassava crops. Zesco being a public company should be mindful of the people they are meant to serve and avoid any operational impact from affecting people.

Mwape Kalombo, Lusaka




We need to strengthen our labor laws


A white lady, an employment advert with this caption just exposes how weak our labor ministry and to an extent immigration Department. These are the realities in most companies in Zambia.

Nico Mhango, Chawama




Great East Road should be marked properly


The Great East Road from Hybrid roundabout way up to Arcade roundabout is a sure death road stretch, all because the council has lamentably failed to either do road markings or put reflectors on the inner pavement. It’s really a night mare to drive down this stretch at night as the inner pavement is completely obscured until one crashes into it especially in the inner lane. As much as I appreciate the efforts by RTSA trying to reduce road carnage by mounting electronic gadgets to monitor events on the road, this one just requires reflectors or let alone  paint to help avoid accidents. Please let RTSA and RDA their heads together to avoid loss of life.

D. Mule




You can advise without



Criticizing is not bad but the manner in which it is done. Madam Nawakwi should be careful in her selection of words when criticizing the Government. You may have good advice but the way this advice is given also matters. We need a strong opposition that will offer checks and balances to the PF Government. Who can get your advice after you insult them?

Mkandawire Jane, Lusaka





Siamunene’s appointment

was done in good faith


The appointment of Siamunene should not divide us as a country. The President did so in good faith and to show that he is ready to work with anybody regardless of which political party one belongs to. Some people are arguing that the aim of the president is to weaken the opposition I personally don’t think so.

W. N, Lusaka



Prevention is better

than cure


The Lusaka City Council should do something urgently to stop the mushrooming of bars in compounds. I don’t think these bars have licenses and most of these do not have running water and toilets. The other thing is that they open so early in the morning and playing loud music, this makes it difficult for our school going children to study. Can LCC do something before the situation becomes uncontrollable.

Concerned parent

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