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President Lungu shames

merchants of doom


The Presidency is an institution which the people of Zambia established in their constitution at independence. The institution is headed by one person at a time who is elected by Zambians. This office deserves respect. Those opposed to the President should provide alternatives than insult the custodian of this institution. Insults simply exhibit failure to provide alternatives. These are merchants of doom. Keep going Edgar you have the mandate to govern and do it to the best of your ability.

James A. D Lungu.



Nawakwi should explain her role in Carlington maize saga


When I heard Nawakwi talk about maize on radio I thought she was going to answer the Carlington maize issue but only to condemn the President for increasing the floor price by K5. Madam when are you going to answer the question which was put to you by Madam Mumbi Phiri?

Richard Lubinda, Lusaka.



Soon only ‘Kaponda’ smokers will be buying the Post


Only media houses that educate, entertain and inform on real issues should be respected. Credit goes to the Head of State His Excellency Edgar Lungu who does not respond to lies and insults from some opposition leaders, cartel and the Post newspaper. Very soon kaponda smokers will be going for the Post newspaper for wrapping tomatoes for their customers. Keep it up Daily Nation.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka.



M’membe’s end predicted 


Fred M’membe, if you cannot see the beginning of your fall because you are blinded by your pride, this is how the real fall has begun. Overwhelmed by debts, many court cases and other cases coming from numerous individuals that you have offended, you are simply standing at the EPI center of a mega earthquake which is about to erupt.

Micky, Lusaka.



Leave UPND alone


The ruling PF should stop being concerned about UPND, because the opposition knows when they will be holding their convention. Instead of worrying about UPND let them worry on how they will improve our declining economy. Let UPND handle its own matters and PF handle its own party and national matters at hand.

M S, Lusaka.



Job well done by Police at

Stanley Bar on Freedom Way


The action by the Zambia Police to clear Stanley Bar of ardent criminals is long overdue. The Police should not end there but also remove those structures surrounding ACC offices and the banks. They are a security risk indeed because we have a lot of foreigners trading in these areas. Please Zambia Police make another swift move. Job well done.

Kasongo J, Lusaka.



Only God will save Zambia


Our country needs God’s intervention because at the moment almost everything has been increased including the price of our staple food. We have stopped receiving serious investors because our economy is unstable. Our leaders keep on promising us that things will improve but to my surprise nothing looks promising. As a Christian nation let us just trust God because he will never cheat or disappoint us. It is time we seriously pray for our country for God’s guidance.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka.



Politics in Zambia turned into entertainment


These days politics has become a form of entertainment to some politicians. The question I would like to ask is; why every politician seems to talk on every little matter, even when it is not necessary. They are just busy condemning and attacking. My appeal to politicians is for them to act in a mature and responsible manner.

Concerned Zambian.

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