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It is virtually impossible for anyone to get a title deed within a day of purchasing property, especially on un-surveyed land in Zambia.

Acquisition of title deeds is laborious and time consuming task which leaves many property owners frustrated as the documents are not easily issued.

And the Chinese investor who bought land previously called looters in Lusaka was able to pay the council and on the same day obtain a title deed.

This sounds highly irregular.

If the Lusaka City Council and the Ministry of Lands were that efficient to issue a title deed within a day of purchasing property, then the problems that property owners go through of frequenting Lands commissioner’s office could have been a thing of the past.

While delayed issuance of title deeds is a known fact, it is surprising that Hua Feng Construction Company, the buyers of land around Libala’s Looters tennis and basketball courts received title deeds to the land within a day.

It cannot be far from the truth that this sale of land around Looters tennis and basketball courts was pre-determined.

According to council minutes, the land surrounding Looters was un-surveyed and by all definition such land should have been surveyed and numbered properly before being sold.

More importantly some kind of value should have been assigned.

The council was equally supposed to prepare diagrams on which to base their re-planned marking.

It is difficult to understand the supersonic speed with which they council moved to please the new buyer.

But those involved in the sale did not waste time to work an extra mile to ensure that all the documentation were in place for onward handing over to the new owners of land around Looters.

It is difficult to understand is the reason why the issues surround the sale of Looters land is not sleeping.

It is clear that the sale of looters was not above board and without contraversy which is why the matter will not die and the developer cannot comence works.

Already, we have Libala Ward 7 councillor Emmanuel Chanda being suspended for demanding answers related to the sale of the land.

What we would have expected was the council to be gracious enough and provide the answers instead of suspending councillor who was trying to protect community property in his ward.

And now we have two businessmen who were operating from the land making blocks suing Hua Feng Construction Company for loss of business and not being given time to ensure their business was properly handled.

This only shows that there were no consultations with the businessmen operating from land surrounding Looters tennis and basketball courts.

For the council, it had to be a quick transaction and title deeds exchange hands without worrying about third parties.

Surely, the Lusaka City Council should have done better than the controversy that they have created.







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