Let’s develop Zambia


I wonder why Zambian politicians are today busy campaigning.

When you flip the pages of newspaper, it is always politicking.

When are we Zambians going to develop our country when all  what seeem to enjoy most is talking without action!

It is not only the party in Government to develop the country, it is every political party.

It is no wonder there is so much voter apathy  because our present day politicians are not insipiring.!They are very boring and full of rhetoric.

To be honest,in the opposition,there is no one to provide alternative leadership.

They are worse off than even the ruling PF this is because the opposition can even go to an extent of frustrating government projects, operations,programme implementation so that they are voted in.

When the country is in neck-deep troubles that is when we see useless opposition leaders going round the country trying to convince every one that they are problem solvers.


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