PF can’t school UPND over democracy – Mumbi

THE UPND is being governed by a leadership that was duly elected and still had the mandate to preside over the opposition political party.
Senior party official Edward Mumbi who is also special assistant of President Hakainde Hichilema said: “The entire UPND membership is happy with the manner in which the leadership is discharging its assignment without violence and that is what a decent political party should aspire for!
He said Mr Davis Chama of PF may not understand what a convention was, “.. and if his understanding of intra-party democracy is linked to the PF general congress held in Kabwe last year at which the ruling party ended up with two presidents, then he should be better schooled that violence does not constitute part of democracy,” Mr Mumbi said.
He said the PF had no moral right to advise opposition political parties to go for their respective national conventions to elect their leaders and has accused the ruling party of lacking respect for democratic tenets and values.
Mr. Mumbi was reacting to a demand by PF Secretary General Edward Mumbi challenging the UPND to hold a convention at which leaders would be elected democratically.
Mr. Mumbi said the entire membership in the party was happy with the manner in which their leaders at various levels were discharging their assignments without violence.
Reacting to suggestions that there were other members aspiring to challenge the opposition leader, Mr Mumbi said the ruling party had fallen short of democratic discipline and could not advise other political parties on internal democracy.
He said Mr Chama was probably ill-informed about the meaning of convention and that if his (Chama) understanding of the convention was linked to the ruling party’s general conference at the Mulungushi Rock of Authority last year, then there was a lot that the PF should learn about the tenets of democracy.
Mr Mumbi said Mr Chama should be schooled to the fact that violence did not constitute part of democracy and should therefore advise his party members to avoid getting involved in vices that had the potential to negate the democratic successes the country had recorded.

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