Rejects join cartel-ZRP

FOOLISHNESS and lies have characterised the cartel that has regrouped with rejects in society such as members of the clergy with a view to wage a war against President Edgar Lungu, Zambia Republican Party president Wright Musoma has observed
He advised Zambians against listening to the cartel as they did not speak on behalf of anyone but themselves.
Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Musoma observed that members of the cartel had lost direction because they thought that they would infiltrate State House like they did under late presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata whom they held hostage.
He said that President Lungu’s strong stance against manipulation and lies was the reason why the cartel was mudslinging the Head of State and had made him a target of scorn.
“They are looking for a chance to get their way into Government because it has become so difficult for them under President Lungu, they have been left bitter and now they have resorted to unnecessary attacks on Government using disgruntled rejects in society who have no following,” Mr Musoma said.
He wondered how the projects that the Patriotic Front (PF)
government was completing under President Lungu could receive massive criticism today when most of them were started under President Sata’s reign.
“These people are looking for a platform where they can get resources without paying back; where they can get financial aid without paying back as well as evading tax while they are being shielded. They are now desperate because in the current government, such loopholes have been sealed up hence the bitterness,” Mr Musoma said
He called upon Patriotic Front Members of Parliament not to keep quiet but to defend the President’s various development projects that government was undertaking.
“Why are PF MPs quiet? Why are cabinet Ministers not talking? Why should they only leave Chief Governmnet Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili to do the talking alone and defending the president? These people should be able to tell the masses what government was doing for them in terms of development projects rather than waiting for Mr. Kambwili alone to defend the President. Let them explain developmental projects to the people so that they are not misled into believing what the cartel is feeding them through their paper,” he said.

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