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We would like to commend the Patriotic Front (PF) and the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) for embarking on fundraising ventures to mobilise financial resources for party activities.
On Wednesday, the PF held its fundraising dinner at Mulungushi International Conference Centre while a few weeks ago, the UPND also had a fundraising party in Chilanga.
We hope other political parties are watching with a view of emulating the PF and UPND.
It will however not augur well for anyone to accuse PF and UPND of having dubious sources of campaigns when they can openly see the fundraising ventures the two political parties have embarked upon.
For the PF as a governing party, we have already heard some politicians pointing fingers at the Eurobond as the financial source which will oil the ruling party.
In case of the UPND, many may attribute its campaign skills to the financial muscle of its leader.
But this should not be the case when Zambians are clearly seeing the fundraising ventures that the two political parties have embarked upon.
No-one can argue against Zambian political campaigns being expensive.
It is a known fact that those standing for various political positions need the financial muscle to challenge for power.
Those financial resources cannot come from the pocket of an individual member of a political party as this leads to dictatorship.
Collective political party fundraising is the way to go as it promotes unity and harmony among members who feel party of the building process.
Therefore, the fundraising ventures by PF and UPND could not have come at a better time than now when there are less than 17 months before the general elections.
Our political parties will need a lot of resources to transverse the country to woo voters.
Reflecting on the happenings during campaigns in the January 20, 2015 Presidential election which saw PF president Edgar Lungu emerge winner, it is definite that next year’s political contest will be expensive.
We don’t expect the contestants to discard their newly adopted campaign transport of helicopters and planes.
It is also expected that a lot of social media will be used to canvass for votes from a larger audience.
But with the proposed law in the draft Constitution leaning towards disclosure of sources of political party funds, it is important for political parties to financially arm themselves with clean money which they can confidently declare as theirs coming from various clean sources.
It would be unpatriotic for any political party leader to avoid clean sources of raising party funds in preference for illicit money from dirty sources.

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