Lungu tells off critics

A UNITED Zambia free from malice and virulent hate speech by some misguided tabloids is possible and Patriotic Front (PF) members criticising the party from within and wishing the ruling party defeat next year should get out because the PF is unstoppable, President Edgar Lungu has charged.
President Lungu said some misguided tabloids had gone on rampage spreading falsehoods and planting seeds of hate in the country but the Head of State was comforted that Zambians knew their agenda of hate for him as President.
President Lungu said he was aware that there were some people who sought the fall of the PF Government by sowing seeds of hatred and divisions in the country but said Zambians were too clever to be swayed by such narrow-minded and deceitful agendas.
Speaking at the PF Meet the President dinner dance at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Wednesday, President Lungu said the PF had continued to win by-elections despite the venomous hate campaigns by onetabloid in tandem with some opposition political leaders.
The Head of State stated that the differences that engulfed the ruling party following the demise of its founding father, president Michael Sata were understandable and that the ruling party was proud to have passed the test of leadership transitioning without any influence from abhorred vices such as tribe and other discriminations.
He said having passed the leadership transitioning; the PF did not have the luxury of time to engage in things that did not add to the bigger picture of the party, stating that he was never bothered by screaming headlines in some tabloids.
The President said there were some people working with some tabloids whose agenda was nothing but to malign the Head of State and believed that to win an election they should become personally disagreeable with the President.
“We have to improve our communication strategies and tell our story accurately at a time when detractors and some misguided tabloids have gone on rampage spreading falsehoods and planting seeds of hate. A united Zambia is possible, free from scandalous malice, free from hate speech. A Zambia where everyone feels at home is possible. We are not allergic to objective criticism but we have a duty to defend the truth. Those who seek to criticize us from within and wish the PF defeat next year, I say get out and join your company of losers,” President Lungu said.
He said PF members who thought the ruling party was going to lose the 2016 general elections were free to leave the ruling party because the ruling party had in the last seven months of his presidency recorded a 100 percent score card from the last seven parliamentary by-elections.
The President said the last seven months of his presidency had been characterized by both moments of success and tough decisions aimed at serving the best interests of the nation.
He stated that many decisions had been made by his administration which included improving the lives of youths from academic institutions and young Zambian entrepreneur in the business of importing secondhand cars for survival.
The President said he was concerned about cross border traders who were feeling the negative impact of the country’s weak currency as well as small scale farmers whose livelihood depended on selling agricultural produce apart from the current load shedding Zambians were experiencing.
My Government will not be distracted by pessimism. As President, I am inspired by the hope and optimism of our youth that if we can act together and courageously, another Zambia is possible, a Zambia captured in our national anthem, A land of work and joy, in unity,” President Lungu said.
He said contrary to lies and distortions by the opponents and enemies of progress, the PF had not drifted from its original vision.
And PF national chairman Ngosa Simbyakula said the PF was ready for the general election next year and that President Lungu had demonstrated that besides being a transformational leader, he had proved that he was a great unifier from the time the Head of State took over as the leader of the ruling party.

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One Response to “Lungu tells off critics”

  1. simon says:

    We should really appreciate that the Head of State is concerned at what the cross border traders are going thru’ due to the weak kwacha,we can only hope that measures are being taken to address the situation.Members of CBT have been crying for funding for a long time now.


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