PF fumes against Post

THE Patriotic Front is shocked by the levels of pettiness and childish attempts at scandalizing President Edgar Lungu and has warned that it would not standby as onlookers while the Head of State was being verbally assaulted by agents of anarchy, PF media and publicity vice chairman Sunday Chanda has warned.
Mr Chanda said while the Post newspaper with its agents were bent on seeing President Lungu leave State House next year, Zambians had seen through their clandestine schemes and were not going to allow them achieve their objective.
He said it was immoral, nonsensical, unacceptable and professionally nauseating for the Post newspaper and its agents to embark on a childish and hopeless propaganda against the persona of President Lungu by deprecating his physical appearance and indeed his dressing.
And Edgar Ngoma, one of the ardent Patriotic Front (PF) campaign strategists before the 2011 general elections has emphasized that that a clique of individuals colonized former president Michael Sata soon after his inauguration and usurped State power which they abused by persecuting their perceived enemies.
And Mr Ngoma said it was sad that the cartel that had mounted a vicious propaganda campaign against President Edgar Lungu had been allowed to spread its tentacles in most government institutions in the last few years of the PF in Government.
Mr Ngoma said the cartel’s only ambition was to have power that they could use to perpetuate vengeance, retribution and sadism against selected prominent citizens who they considered their political enemies.
He said it was unfortunate that the cartel was allowed to participate in the governance of the country because they had turned out to be the worst enemies of the people and should therefore should never be allowed to ever anywhere near power again.
Mr Ngoma said the cartel overturned and overruled most of the executive decisions that were made by former president Sata revealing that the Cabinet that was appointed by the late president was heavily influenced by the clique
He said the opposition should stop looking at President Lungu as their enemy whom they must get rid at all costs because the Head of State was elected from among a number of political leaders aspiring to govern the country.
Earlier, Mr Chanda said; “We register and protest against the childish and petty propaganda against President Lungu. It is regrettable that the Post Newspaper and its agents gullibly recruited to spew torrential insults against the Head of State could continue with their junk. They think by constantly attacking President Lungu, they are making him any less popular but they should know that they are mistaken because the President has the favour of God and the goodwill of Zambians,”.
He said President Lungu was the chief executive officer of the country and his status demanded that he should look pleasantly presentable and that his dressing and physical appearance should not form part of the political debate in the country.
Mr Chanda challenged the opposition to provide their alternative strategy of how they would create jobs since they were criticising President Lungu for having announced that his Government was going to create 500 000 jobs by the end of 2016.

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