Criminals regrouping to push Govt in tight corner

I WANT to strongly appeal to the law agencies to be on high alert because criminals have regrouped in order to push the Government into a tight corner.
We are more than aware of these crooks because they are hell bent to portray Zambia as a failed State.
These criminals, if not tamed, can bring a lot of trouble to the nation. Surprisingly though even the so-called men of God have joined the band-wagon.
They have abandoned the pulpits and are being daily quoted in a paper that digs lies everyday for their own personal agendas.
These criminals must be checked and stopped. Most wars in this world came as a result of careless talk. They start through exchange of words and later arsenals are involved.
I am calling on all well-meaning Zambians not to tolerate these criminals and must be condemned in full.
The cartel does not have a room in PF and it is a matter of time before they are exposed.
To day a paper carries a big story about the so-called pot belly of President Lungu, where are the professional ethics? As for Eric Chanda he must learn to respect the presidency because his utterances can generate discomfort in the nation. We have observed with sadness that people like Eric Chanda and Andrew Banda, son of former respected president Rupiah Banda, are being used as tools of destruction by the cartel.
It is very childish for someone to talk about President Lungu’s suits in that manner. Andrew should grow up and be level-headed in his thinking because if he has nothing to say let him keep his mouth shut.
Stanley Kafula
Matero youth secretary-PF

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One Response to “Criminals regrouping to push Govt in tight corner”

  1. Kakoma K says:

    We should learn to respect our President as the Head of State. What will happen when one day someone starts insulting or undermining your biological father would you watch and keep quiet? Let’s learn to honour our leaders and give them the respect they deserve. The president has the right to wear good suits or clothes and to enjoy good health. Leadership is ordained by God Almighty and no matter what methods of crookedness the cartel will use God Almighty is still in control. As a Christian nation when calamity befall us we should learn to turn to God for prayers for the betterment of society and humanity. The culture of every time people looking for faults and flaws in other people lives is not biblical. Men of God should preach love, unity and peace and in times of needy should be in the forefront to intercede for heavenly intervention and mercies from God Almighty. President Edgar Lungu may come from a very humble background and that does mean he cannot enjoy the privileges that goes with the office of the Head of State. Those who are promoting anarchy and violence will also die by the sword. May God Almighty protect and prolong the life of our dear president. May also God Almighty provide him with divine knowledge and wisdom in the name of Jesus Christ? Zambia does not only belong to the President or PF, every person is a stakeholder, as individual beings before we criticize others we should have introspection on the contributions we have made to our families and communities?


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