Cartel must fall-NGO

A Non-governmental organization on good governance has urged the ruling Patriotic Front to get rid of the cartel in the party who are determined to bring down efforts made by President Edgar Lungu to develop the country.
The Gallant Youths in Zambia executive director Henry Mulenga said it was a reality that there were still some members in PF who do not accept that Mr Lungu was the President of Zambia.
He alleged that only genuine PF members appreciated the works done by the President, and that others were only interested in bringing him down.
Mr Mulenga said President Lungu was voted into power by the people of Zambia, and that the work of the cartel would be doomed because the people of Zambia were able to see the development on their own.
“We are very much aware that they are still the elements of the cartel in the PF who feels they can take control to bring President Lungu into disrepute, but their days are numbered because they will be fished out with the help of the people who are happy with the development of the nation,” he said.
Mr Mulenga said it was high time the Edgar Lungu-led administration discarded the cartel which had been manipulating the nation with their agendas for the reason best known to themselves.
“Whether they like it or not Mr Lungu is the President of Zambia and even the cartel must bow before him because he is the head of state and their decisive statements to disgrace his works will not work, because the powers are in the hands of the Zambian people through the ballot paper,” he said.
Mr Mulenga said the people of Zambian should respect the presidency by appreciating what the Head of State was trying to do for the benefit of the nation.
He said those who were issuing retrogressive statements did not mean well for Zambia’s development.

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