Andrew Banda needs counselling

ELDERS in Eastern Province must counsel former president Rupiah Banda’s son Andrew to observe cultural etiquette and norms in treating elders including his father and President Edgar Lungu, former Minister of Education Chrispin Musosha has advised.
He charged that there was something seriously wrong with Andrew going by insults he has been hurling at his father and President Lungu whom Zambians considered as fathers of the nation.
Andrew, he said, was being uncultured as shown by his lack of respect for elders, more so the President of the country, who was chosen by Zambians.
He wondered whether Andrew expected President Lungu to remain at the same level he was before becoming President or start wearing rags in order to impress him.
Mr Musosha said Mr. Banda’s and Eric Chanda’s unwarranted attacks on President Lungu was setting a bad precedence on the values of Zambian politicians because they were being petty and unreasonable, hence the need for them to have their mental faculties checked as their ranting did not reflect the behaviour of a sober-minded people.
“Andrew Banda should be taken somewhere for rehabilitation of his mind because whatever he says is utter rubbish! Honestly speaking, how does he want the president to be dressing? He wants him to be dressing in rags even when he is our chief representative? I think there is need for elders from Eastern Province to sit with him and teach him how to be cultured. I know that Easterners are very cultured people and am sure they can help this man,” Mr. Musosha said.
And Mr. Musosha has advised 4th Revolution Party leader Eric Chanda to keep quiet if he has nothing to share with the Zambian people because his attacks on President Lungu were a testimony of his failed life at an individual level.
He also advised the media to sieve whatever it presented to the public to prevent mediocre information from whoever presented a case for discussion.
“President Lungu is our father general whom we should all respect; he is our chief representative and therefore it does not make sense to complain about him looking presentable because the outlook of the Head of State portrays the image of the country to the outside world,” Mr Musosha said.
He explained that there was need for Zambians to respect the presidency by disassociating themselves from unnecessary statements aimed at putting the institution into disrepute.
“It is not about President Lungu; it is about the presidency which is an office that other people will fill in one day. There is need to respect the presidency as an institution. Let the president enjoy the privileges that come with the office he holds and Mr. Chanda should stop making useless statements that insult the authority of the office holder,” Mr Musosha said

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