Simuusa anti-Lungu-PF

Wilbur Simusa the Nchanga Member of Parliament, has been accused of working against the ruling party and leadership of President Edgar Lungu by his continuous attacks on the interpretation and implementation of Government policies and programmes.
But Mr Simuusa said he was one of the strong members of the PF and that his advice and views should not be misconstrued that he was against the ruling party and President Lungu.
Mr Simuusa said it was dangerous for the leadership of the PF to gag its members from expressing their views because such an attitude could only help destroy the ruling party.
But PF chairman for elections Musonda Mpakata said it was not surprising that Mr Simuusa had continued issuing negative statements about the party he belonged to because during the transition, he was against the candidature of President Lungu.
Mr Mpakata told the Daily Nation that Mr Simuusa was against the adoption of President Lungu as a presidential candidate following the death of president Michael Sata and that he had not come to terms with the fact that Zambians had deposited their trust in the Head of State to preside over the affairs of the country.
He said the ruling party strongly believed that Mr Simuusa was working with some opposition political party and could be among the people in the ruling party working to make sure that the PF should not retain power after the 2016 general elections.
Mr Mpakata said the ruling party was aware that there were many other people in the PF who did not want the ruling party to succeed and challenged those who were disgruntled to come out in the open and declare their position instead of subtly preaching anti-PF messages.
He stated that President Lungu had been preaching unity and reconciliation in the party but it was unfortunate that some members were still behaving as if they belonged to some other camp or political parties.
Mr Mpakata said democracy was about numbers and the ruling party needed as many members as possible to win the general elections next year and that was why President Lungu was encouraging party members to accept and accommodate the new members.
“I have said we are reorganising the party but it is normal that a few people may resist the changes we are going through. I have been reading Mr Simuusa’s statements but we are not surprised about his reactions because he was not on our side during the transition period. I can give you a story on this one and you write it. Ask Mr Simuusa on which side he was during the transition? He was in another camp and playing to frustrate President Lungu’s adoption and our suspicion is that Mr Simuusa could be one of the people plotting the downfall of the PF. There could be many people like Mr Simusa and I challenge them to come out in the open so that we know who is with us and whose is not,” Mr Mpakata said.
He said the PF managed to get organized and pulled through the most difficult time following the death of president Sata and that it was his hope that the party should be more united under President Lungu.
Mr Mpakata said the turbulences the PF went through last year were almost insurmountable but because Zambians had faith in President Lungu and the party, they ensured that the party remained in Government by voting for the Head of State. But Mr Simuusa said he had helped build the PF and could not suddenly turn against the party he had tirelessly worked for while in the opposition and advised Mr Makata that it was important to discuss the challenges the party was facing.
He explained that the advice he was giving to the ruling party was meant to help build the party and not to destroy adding that suppressing the views of members was not being helpful.

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