Why blame President Edgar Lungu all the time?

I MUST say I find it quite heartrending to read all the articles and letters in the cartel controlled newspaper attacking the person and presidency of Mr Edgar Lungu.
Are we Zambians so naïve as to forget so easily? I think what a lot of us fail to appreciate is that the President has ruled Zambia only for 7 months which has been largely a transitional phase.
Surely for us Zambians to have expected the man to change the fortunes of the country overnight is a gross overstatement.
Yes, the man was elected to State House for the right reasons. Every struggle is shaped by the circumstances and challenges of the time.
Do we now forsake him because the losing billionaire businessman Hakainde Hichilema and the cartel controlled newspaper despise him?
What we should be asking ourselves is how the PF should conduct its contra-mobilisation – turning the propaganda tables on the cartel and its controlled newspaper.
In accentuating the positive, the PF should not shy away from its innovative infrastructure development projects; health and education; water and electricity; housing and employment programmes designed to put the country on the road to prosperity.
Bringing to the attention of individuals, groups, nations and multinational corporations positive developments like this and other similar advancements could be done primarily to help attract massive dollars to fund the country’s infrastructure projects. Billions are still needed.
To counter-attack the cartel, PF presidential staff, personal aides and high-level ministerial officials need to be extremely adept at managing the President’s reputation and do not need to buy and read the cartel controlled newspaper.
They should simply churn out propaganda on State-owned channels or, in some instances, control access to the online media and internet.
Mubanga Luchembe,

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