PF is above Rainbow mediocrity-Kapyanga

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kabwe Central member of Parliament James Kapyanga has charged that Central Province Rainbow Party chairman Kabwe Mulenga lacks leadership skills and now wants to drag the PF into the mediocrity associated with his party.
And Kabwe Mayor Richard Bango has thanked President Edgar Lungu for appointing Mr. Kapyanga as deputy minister of Works and Supply and is hopeful that he will use his vast experience in Zambia Railways to help Government achieve its goals in the railway sector.
Early this week, in a Press statement Mr. Mulenga accused Mr. Kapyanga and Bwacha member of Parliament Sydney Mushanga as being responsible for the lack of development in Kabwe and that president Michael Sata (late) had expressed anger at the duo, saying that with the two leaders, development would always elude the town.
But responding to Mr. Mulenga’s assertions, Mr. Kapyanga said Mr. Mulenga has neither served in government nor ever sat on a board of any company for him to understand how Government and corporate institutions functioned.
He charged that Mr. Mulenga’s lack of leadership qualities was the reason why he was unfit to continue in the PF, hence his decision to join the Rainbow Party.
“Firstly, I would like to deny the assertions by Mr. Kabwe Mulenga, secondly I would like to challenge him to state why it has taken him so long to disclose all those lies and, thirdly, if Mr. Mulenga was fit to be a leader why didn’t he stay in the PF and prove his muscle? Tell him that I have no time for such mediocrity because the PF under President Lungu has an ambitious programme to develop Zambia and Kabwe in particular,” said Mr. Kapyanga.
But Mr. Mulenga, who is former Kabwe district PF chairman said that he has been prompted to disclose all this information because he did not see any development coming to Kabwe as “preached” by the PF and the two parliamentarians.
“I have been prompted to make this disclosure because I cannot see the development that our colleagues in the PF are talking about in Kabwe. One or two short roads here and there cannot be said to be development. The development we want to see and talk about is that which is going to put food on a plate of a common Zambians, that which is going to enable the residents of Kabwe send their children to school,” Mr. Mulenga said in a statement.
Meanwhile, the PF in Kabwe has toasted the appointment of Mr. Kapyanga.
Mr Bango said the ministry that Mr. Kapyanga has been elevated to is cardinal to the PF manifesto of improving the transport sector and was hopeful that he would use his experience as a railwayman to help the party develop the sector.
“As you may be aware Mr. Kapyanga was secretary general of the Railway Workers’ Union of Zambia (RWUZ) and has about 18 years’ experience in the railway industry, so we are happy that the President has taken such an experienced man to the ministry.
We hope he will utilise his vast railway experience to the benefit of the party and the nation,” said Mr. Bango.

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