Reopen Kabimba’s corruption case-Chama

WYNTER Kabimba should stop bragging that he is incorruptible because Zambians have not forgotten that he is still a suspect in the Trafigura oil debacle in which the country lost US$250 million, Davis Chama has charged.
Mr Chama said it was unfortunate that some of the State investigative wings with the mandate to pursue suspected corrupt people had developed cold feet in following up corruption cases such as the one the Rainbow Party leader was summoned for by the Anti-Corruption Commission in 2012.
He regreted that investigative wings of Government had exhibited inertia in following up corruption cases of citizens believed to be of high profile and vowed that he was going to continue reminding Zambians that Mr Kabimba still had “unfinished business” with the ACC.
Mr Chama recalled that when the ACC summoned Mr Kabimba for questioning over the procurement of oil by Trafigura, the former Justice minister and Patriotic Front secretary general comandeered a hoard of cadres to the commission and refused to be interrogated in their absence.
He told the Daily Nation that time was going to catch up with Mr Kabimba because his claims that he had not abused his position as Justice Minister and secretary general of the PF would be put to test some day.
Mr Chama said the Rainbow Party was relatively new on the political scene but that the party was about the most opulent as it had managed to empower its members lucratively.
In 2012, the ACC summoned Mr Kabimba for questioning over oil deals but the then Justice Minister turned up at the commission with a hoard of unrully cadres and insisted that he was only going to be interviewed in their presence.
Mr Kabimba claimed that the mattter over which he was summoned was of public interest because it had been published in the media and that there was no way the ACC could interview him alone without his cadres. “I want to see the officer who is supposed to interview me because I fixed an appointment at 15:30 hours and in fact, I came here five minutes before. I do not want to paraphrase my statement to the media. There is nothing to hide in this matter and all I want is the media and all these people around to be present when you interrogate me,” Mr Kabimba told the ACC officers at the time.
But Mr Chama said Mr Kabimba intimidated the ACC at the time because he had power and wished that the ACC could revisit the matter so that the Rainbow leader could account for his actions.
“Mr Kabimba is boasting that he is a clean man because some of our government institution have failed to follow his cases. I will continue reminding Zambians and our institutions particularly the ACC that they failed to interrogate Mr Kabimba because they were intimidated as he went there with cadres. There is no corruption case against a government minister that can be investigated in the presence of cadres. My hope is that the institutions with the mandate to investigate can revisit the matter so that Mr Kabimba can decently answer the questions,” Mr Chama said. He said the former PF secretary general left the ruling party in a lot of debt and that the party had to struggle to liquidate the debt after Mr Kabimba was fired from his two positions in government and the party.

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