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Nawakwi not an issue
President Lungu, you have done very well so far. But I still insist that you don’t waste time on Nawakwi. This lady is a rebel without a cause at all. So answering her or sending warnings to her is a waste of your precious time. If she is found wanting let the appropriate ministry deal with her.
Micky, Lusaka

Punish those behind
contaminated crude oil
Mr Yaluma, our energy minister still has serious questions which need urgent answers. As you promised Zambians that a comprehensive statement will be issued after a meeting with the suppliers of contaminated crude oil, I am still waiting. Among the questions that need answers are the following:- where did the contamination start, was it in the ship? Or was it in the pipeline? Or was it in the storage tank at Indeni? Was it a wrong valve that was opened by an overzealous employee? Who will pick the cost that is going to be incurred in the process of this bad crude oil? Let the truth come out.
Micky, Lusaka

Ten and five ngwee coins
have lost value
Although I am not an economist I am of the view that coins especially the 10 and 5 ngwee coins have contributed nothing to our poor economy because they are not considered a means of exchange especially with traders in the high density areas. Many traders in these areas do not accept them hence people choose to abandon them. Once gathered they count billions of kwacha which is of no use. May the Government or Bank of Zambia take action on the matter.
Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka

Viva PF!
Constructive criticism is always welcome, but any well-meaning Zambian who moves around, reads positive newspapers or watches television is not going to support the claim that this Government is not doing anything. Surely with all these projects that are going on countrywide, can one say Government has done nothing. The problem with Zambians is that they don’t see what good these developments will bring tomorrow, more for the good future of our children. What we want is to enjoy today with more money and suffer tomorrow. Mr Sata clearly said these projects are for the future. Viva PF.
Tembo, Lusaka

Divisions and tribal politics out
Politicians who preach divisions and tribal politics should not be voted for. Let us put people in power that will be able to unite all the 73 tribes of our great nation just like Dr Kaunda did. Keep it up KK for the good work you have done for mother Zambia.
W.N, Lusaka

Save us from the noise
We residents of Meanwood Chamba Valley near Mutumbi cemetery are suffering from annoying noise from Asian businessmen who are making blocks. Their noisy machines run throughout the night and we can hardly sleep. Can someone come to our help?

I am not going to blame Mr Edgar Lungu but I am just blaming his supporters because they are blind. Mr. Michael Sata was a great man.
Paulcent, Ngombe

Zambian youths abusing Facebook
In as much as we appreciate this modern technology, I wonder whether some of those who go on Facebook know the whole meaning of the word “taboo”. What I found one day was worrisome. It made me wonder where Facebook is taking our youths who know little about do’s and don’ts of cross cultures. Let us avoid insults.
Mr. Hakapali, Choma

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